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Friday, March 26, 2010

We first talked about "Hutch" Robert Hochulski here. Now his defense attorney is trying to claim that one reason he should be given a lighter sentence is because he has support from his wife. My goodness I thought, I wonder if he knows what sort of "support" she offers?

Support like coming here to AZU and denying his crimes while calling us every name in the book for harming an "innocent man's reputation" perhaps?

Well of course we weren't trying to "harm an innocent man" and of course he wasn't innocent. He was sentenced yesterday to almost 6 years. He had over 2000 images on his computer but confessed to less than 600 of them. And of course the images included prepubescent children and sadistic acts. That's a "childlover" for you.

But what I found especially interesting was Bob's letter to the judge. Not only was Bob a moderator on a pedophile board, not only did he continue to log into his account AFTER his arrest but he put himself in a position to - as he called it - "mentor" boys for years. That's what filthy pedophiles do. Now he wants to use the fact that he did "good works for boys"? And HEY! not only Bob, but all his family and friends used the same reasons to the court. "Bob is a GOOD man" and "Bob has done so much work for children" and "I was shocked when I heard and I know that he's sorry and would never do it again"

Funny, that's what Joseph Duncan's friends said about him as well.

Duncan wrote:
Someone told me yesterday that I was different than most other sex offenders because I was only 16 when I committed my crime and have never committed any other sex crimes since (or before).
Of course we know NOW that he HAD already committed other sex crimes. Hindsight is funny that way isn't it?

Robert Hochulski wrote:
My family and my work with youth are two of the most important aspects of my life. Unfortunately, my decisions which have led me to the current situation have effectively taken away my ability to work with and mentor to youth. For this and the pain and suffering I have inflicted upon my family I am truly sorry. However, as I progressed in my counseling, I have come to realize that there was a third party that was involved with my bad decisions. They are children who were coerced and forced into a life of abuse and exploitation. These children must be rescued and provided all necessary help in recovering from their situation. I also believe that the parties responsible for this exploitation must be brought to justice and made to pay for their crimes.

I understand that I must suffer the consequences for my actions and decisions. However, I have begun to turn my life back to the path of living within the laws of man and God. I ask that you see who I am beyond the filter of my crime and see me for the person I am.
I see Bob for exactly what he is. A pedophile who drooled over sexually abused children, invaded their privacy and re-victimized them. (there were three victim impact statements made in this case). Child pornography is not a victimless crime. Men like Bob look at it for a reason. - that reason is not because they're bored and have nothing better to do than twiddle their thumbs. No, Bob searched for it with search terms that included things like "boys in loinclothes" and "boylove". He did this from multiple computers and from multiple places - including from his job at the after school program he ran. NOW Bob says he's sorry, not for the children he harmed but for his family. Funny how they always find God when they want to be saved from prison. But if we've learned anything from all the pedophiles who love to blabber off their mouths it is this: pedophiles cannot and will not change. Bob will spend his 5 years and 8 months in prison and return to the loving enabling arms of his wife. When he does: he'll still be a pedophile. Mark your calenders, I have a feeling we'll be seeing Bob again one day.

Like Bob himself once said:
Never told anyone, but I'm sure people suspect as I have been involved with teens for over 30 yrs
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