"True Victims" according to sex offenders

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"True victims" of sex abuse... look like, act like, think of, dream of...?

Should I cut myself, freak out, get on drugs, learn to shut up, drown my sorrows with alcohol? Or go on youtube and cry?

The therapy that I received taught me that I had a voice and to use it.
I am not ashamed of doing so. Possibly... if "miss Mary" had proper therapy she wouldn't be advocating for registry reform and hanging out with pedophiles and sex offenders.

Sex offenders deserve to have their pictures all over the internet and in magazines. People have the right to know their crimes because they are dangerous and cannot be cured. Sex offenders damage their victims for life and should be held accountable for life.

oh and btw...
I am your witness.
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