A Red Flag

Friday, March 26, 2010

Jarred Harrell was arrested today for the murder of Somer Thompson.....among other things.

You may recall little Somer was abducted while walking home from school with friends last October. Somer was 7 years old. Her body was found in a landfill a few days later.

On a related note, I argued with Cheryl Griffiths on a news article about it when Cheryl started attacking Somer's mother for appearing on TV to talk about the case. Cheryl - with her typical venomous hatred for victims of sex crimes said it was "over" and Somer was dead and her mother was just trying to get attention and exploit her own dead child. And I wonder, why would Cheryl care if Somer's mother wanted to keep attention on the case.... the perpetrator had not even been caught. Why?

Jarred Harrell was also arrested for possession of child pornography. If he had not been charged with Somer's murder these self-absorbed apologists for baby-rapers would be saying "It was ONLY pictures, it's not like he abducted and killed a child".

We must remember that almost all child molesters are also found to be in possession of child pornography. And in a recent study 85% of those convicted for possession of child pornography also had committed hands-on offenses against children that had gone undetected.

Jerome Miller of Reform Sex Offender Laws Campaign RSOL claims those offenders in that study only said they molested children because they would get special privileges. Interesting that he knows so much about what ALL the men in that study did or didn't do. So I ask you....would you confess to being a filthy child molester if you really weren't? Child molesters are the bottom of the barrel, a scourge, a blight - the most sickening the thing a person can be and something nobody would want to be identified as.

In this particular study 26% of the offenders were known to have molested children at the time of their conviction but during the study they revealed that 85% of them had. Most of them with multiple victims. In fact, as a group they had 75 child victims amongst them - known at the time of their original sentencing for possession of child pornography. After their confessions that number jumped to 1,777. This study was conducted on 155 men by the way. And yet those people who are interested in removing all penalties for possession of child pornography dismiss this study and instead promote the recent one that came out of Switzerland. You know..... the one who used a BoyChat member as his resource for information?

Is Jarred Harrell unusual in some way? Yes, in that he actually killed his victim. No, in that he didn't JUST get caught with child pornography - he progressed before being captured. People who look at images of children being sexually assaulted are not "the real victims of society" the way the Nambla people at RSOL would have you believe. They are people with a sexual interest in children and as Mary Duval always says "That should be a red flag"

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