Truth in Advertising

Sunday, August 06, 2006

After Save the Children returned the donation to Todd Nickerson, Lindsay Ashford advised they should not cash the check. The money would remain in StC account and therefore he could leave his fake endorsement on his website. But Todd took matters into his own hands, and decided to cash the check and disperse the money anonymously without telling anyone where. The purpose being :
There'll be neither bragging on our part nor harassment on the part of the antis.
To make matters worse he then received a LETTER from the State of Connecticut Attorney General's Office
I urge you to immediately remove this press release from your website. Your failure to do so may result in the imposition of civil and criminal penalties.
At which point the bickering started in earnest.

It is illegal to post a charity's name without permission.
Hopefully Lindsay will just take it down
To be honest you brought this upon yourself.
Todd, you were not the organiser of this campaign. I was.
As for your decision to cash the cheque, I am still opposed to that.
While you are technically correct -- the money does not belong to me -- I frankly don't give a rip.
This community is rampant with cowardice, small-mindedness and hypocrisy.
If you threaten me, I WILL pursue it legally. I know who you are and I have your mother's phone #.
I am not a trained monkey this community can shoot into alien territory to see if it's safe for humans
If I'd thought for a second that they would throw me in jail because YOU put something on your website that they didn't like, then I would NOT have attached my name to this project.
I see myself as a sailor on board a ship with a captain who was making a very bad decision.
F*** you and the other assholes here. If you cared about your own community you'd think twice before you backed me into a corner of desperation.
This charity thing will have ended up being of no benefit to us whatsoever.
I'll be the one they go after, not Lindsay. They can't catch Lindsay -- he can put whatever he wants on his site, and they can't touch him as long as he's out-of-country.

Lindsay is not living in the Empire as of now, therefore they can't get him -- they will gladly get Todd instead.

It doesn't give him a 'blank check' to do as he pleases with the money we donated
Marco Polo:
You are beyond the pale Todd
I trust Todd infinitly more than I trust Lindsay
We lost respect for you after you stole the money.
You should be sued for what you've done.
You're on the short list of people at this site I would feel OK about being around a child
If you think Todd is one of the few here who would be safe to have around your kids, I take that as a major insult, especially when you consider how unstable he can be

That money is not yours and you have no right to do anything with it that you happen to decide. The people who donated that money did so with expectation......
You have repayed us with betrayal
I can only recall very few people that I've actually lost all respect for around here and I'm sorry to say I now count you among them.
You're despicable Todd

StC needs to go down in flames
Let it be known .... that you and a few others here have made me into an enemy. I expect you will come to regret that.
THIS is StC's TOS. FYI: Save the Children is an INTERNATIONAL organization. Lindsay violated IP laws. He shouldn't be so sure of his untouchability.
He's willing for Todd to take the fall, be sued on civil charges and possibly charged for criminal acts. All so he can keep what he uses as 'endorsement' on his web page.
This is a total lack of integrity and ethics.

And he wants society to accept what he is and believe his dripping-with-saccharine-self-proclaimed-child-lover-I'd-never-harm-them testament??

Get Real Lindsay! You're as fake as a three dollar bill and as transparent as glass.
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