BB the Perpetuator of Half-Truths, Misleading Details and Outright Lies

Friday, August 18, 2006

There's this guy over on Girl Chat, BB, that I think is worth noting here. He wrote a letter a couple of years ago to an anti-pedophile organization. He was so "impressed" with himself he just has to share it with his community.

He writes that the anti site is filled with "misleading details, half truths and outright lies"....."But" he writes, "that's the way you people work. Hmmm, guess we'll have to correct that statement, but first He says "Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought your lofty goal was to protect children."

Interesting how he and all the other pedovores speak in such derogatory tones about anyone interested in protecting children.

BB quotes this anti site as saying "When visiting any of the dozen or so pedophile sites on the internet you will rarely find an open acknowledgement of the sexual exploitation taking placce behind the scenes."

To which he responds
"That's because there isn't any....I can say without any doubt that you will NEVER' find such a thing on any CL website - ever!"

Oh dear. Let's see for example on girl chat, it is against the rules to admit doing anything illegal, though I've seen many posts that do. And you are allowed to discuss illegal acts only as long as you were already convicted of them. And I've seen plenty of those, BB.

The question of course would come down to what is the meaning of harm. Since you believe apparently that producing, buying, and viewing child pornography is not harmful, and since you believe that having a sexual relationship with a child is not harmful. Then you wouldn't see much AS harmful now would you? Oh of course except for those horrible child rapists.

Again quoting the anti site ""Whatever the reason, most of the pedophile sites, at least on the opening pages, attempt to soften the predator reality..."

Actually that statement is true, but BB has deviant thought processes so he responds this way
  • "There is no "predator reality." We are *NOT* predators!
  • The vast majority child molesters are not even sexually attracted to children.
  • The majority (90%) of child sex offenders are "situational offenders" who do not have a sexual attraction for minors. [Kenneth Lanning, FBI, 1999]
  • Child molesters are usually relatives or friends of the family, not your mythological "predator."
  • Other statistics readily show that a so-called "normal" man is 2-3 times more likely to molest a child than one of us. Frankly, the *facts* show that your children are safer with us than they are with you, statistically speaking.

Yet, what is the truth?

There is no study that says child molesters aren't sexually attracted to children.

Ken Lanning DID NOT say that 90% of offenders are 'situational offenders'

What Lanning DID say is
  • Men sexually attracted to young adolescent boys are the most persistent and prolific child molesters known to the criminal justice system

  • "This newer typology places all sex offenders, not just child molesters, along a motivational continuum, Situational to Preferential,instead of into one of two categories. It is a continuum, not one or the other

  • The majority of offenders who simultaneously sexually victimize multiple children are acquaintance child molesters, and most acquaintance child molesters who victimize multiple children are preferential sex offenders

  • Although a variety of individuals sexually abuse children, preferential-type sex offenders, and especially pedophiles, are the primary acquaintance sexual exploiters of children

  • "the *facts* show that your children are safer with us Is in fact not a fact. It is a misleading detail and an outright LIE.

Why do pedovores like BB continue to misquote Ken Lanning? His entire study is not in their favor. Out of >160 pages there is not one thing that could be of use to them, however they found a B-grade alternative editorialist who mislead about what Lanning said. She made it appear that she had interviewed him, when she in fact had not. She made it appear that he had said something that he did not say and that is exactly opposite of his paper.

BB even goes so far as to say that "child molestation, like adult rape, is a crime of power and control, not a crime of sexuality" which is exactly opposite of what Lanning said. He said with adult rape it was a crime of power NOT sex, but that with children it was a crime of sex not power. The driving force is a sexual attraction to children.

Abel says that 95% of ALL child molestations are committed by pedophiles. Pardon me, if the world doesn't believe your sniveling, BB.

You did say one useful thing in this lengthy lie however and that is that "Martin Luther King Jr said "A lie cannot live" and he was right."

Yup, BB et al, a lie cannot live, after all that's what we're here for, to make sure it doesn't.
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