I Was Challenged Part 2

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Jillium (a frequent pedophile visitor to AZ) isn't aware of the amount of information that's out there. He likes to quote people who are quoting people who are quoting unethical researchers who manipulate data for their own purpose.

He tries to challenge me. I prefer to take it as a dare. So, here ya go Jillium, read it and weep.

I'm going to give you some statistics from a study done by Gene G. Abel. For those of you who aren't aware, he's one of the most respected in this field, his work going back over two decades, the most often referred to by all sex researchers, and the most widely published.
The following are from his book The Stop Child Molestation Book 2001.

Dr. Abel's study sample included 16,109 adults who admitted sexually molesting at least one child. His demographics matched those of the general population in terms of age, ethnicity, religious affiliation, marital status, educational level and socioeconomic status. For the sake of space I'm going to give you the highlights of this large scale study.

Pedophilia is the most significant cause of child molestation.

People witih pedophilia molest 88% of child sexual abuse victims.

68% had molested a child in their family, defined as under the age of 13 and either a biological child, stepchild, adopted child, foster child, niece, nephew, grandchild.

40% molested children of their friends or neighbors. 24% of men molesting children in their family also molested children of friends and neighbors.

Only 10% molested a stranger.

Only 1% of molesters were female.

Of the men in this study, the pedophiles molested 88 percent of the children which totaled 28,419, as compared to the 12 percent or 3,761 for non-pedophiles.

Pedophiles commit more than 10 times as many sexual acts against children as do non-pedophile molesters. On average, a molester with pedophilia commits 70.8 molestation acts. On average, a molester without pedophilia commits 6.5 acts. This group of pedophiles committed 95 percent of the acts for a total of 171,973 versus only 5 percent of the acts for non-pedophiles.

The number of child victims and acts per molester depended on whether the molester targeted girls, boys or both. Those molesting only girls averaged 5.2 victims and 34.2 acts. Those molesting only boys averaged 10.7 victims and 52 acts. Those molesting both averaged 27.3 victims and 120.9 acts.

While many more men molested girls, the men who molested boys averaged double the number of victims.

47% of male molesters had been molested as a child.

The number of victims also varied depending on whether the molester had himself been molested as a child. The never-abused molesters averaged 7 child victims while abused molesters averaged 25 victims. On average, sexually abused molesters committed over 100 more acts than never-abused molesters.

In order to reduce the number of children molested, we must identify the pedophile and implement treatment as rapidly as possible.

Pedophiles molest 88% of all victims and commit 95% of child molestations.
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