2 Year Old Girl Dies After Rape by Babysitter

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Eric James Tate, 18 years old, while babysitting his girlfriend's young daughter, sexually assaulted her. Her injuries so severe she ended up on a ventilator and later died. Tate, was charged Wednesday with felony capital sexual battery and misdemeanor drug charges.

Now, hey, how would you expect the pedovore community to react. You know the childlovers? Well, I wondered too......

While he deserves to be tortured in jail, he doesn't deserve to spend his life there.
Everybody deserves a second chance.

Nobody deserves to be tortured. Jailtime yes, but the law must give the man his punishment, not other criminals - in my oppinion.

'and two misdemeanor drug charges' Anyone wanna set odds on the drugs being the real cause of the "felony capital sexual battery"? He's not a pedophile. No resemblence. Not even close. This guy is another one of the 80%-90% of sexual offenders who are "normal" and have no sexual preference for minors. :-P

Hearing and reading stuff like this almost makes me glad I'm not "normal". Being a childlover means that I'm far less likely to rape or murder a child than the other way around.

If only the world had sense and realised the truth, I'd be allowed to be with children and I would be glad I'm a childlover instead of almost glad.

I'm no coroner but I'm betting she died from head trauma.

While it is technically possible for a young person to die from from vaginal-penetration injury, my guess is you'd have to do more-than-the-usual-amount-of-damage to do this. Maybe if you caused internal lacerations or messed up the colon or internal organs, but otherwise I doubt it

she was put on a ventilator. Martially speaking, there's two ways to put someone on a ventilator. One is to remove or paralyze the diaphragm, another is to beat them severely about the head. the only thing he's not charged with is murdering the girl, oddly enough... killing's okay, sex 'n drugs are bad.

There's many reasons why someone may end up on the ventilator. But let us continue....

I was under the perhaps mistaken impression that those organs had a lot of flex to them. If I'm wrong, then you are correct, fatal damage could occur.

I think it all depends on the force applied and other factors, such as willingness
even though this is a real tragedy,and the guy should get life without parole if found guilty,the only reason why this story was printed was as a slight against us. its just another one of those articles:"see,i told you all pedophiles are dangerous!"
im not impressed...yawn
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