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Friday, August 25, 2006

At first glance,this appeared to be just another insignificant cognitive distortion of a pedovore

But on closer inspection, it's something much much worse. It takes on a whole new meaning. It's not just stupid statements made by a freakopathic creepazoid, no it's a symptom. We just need to name the disease. Listen with me to Rookieeeeee:
Parents rarely make their children critical thinkers. Teachers on the whole also are guilty of this. Boylovers and girllovers are also guilty of this, especially if they want to get into bed with them.
Oh, but wait....Are you saying the freakopathic creepazoids may have a hidden agenda? I thought that the pedovores stated desires were friendship with children and sex was just a side dish? So, in this instance we were correct in our initial assessment that the pedovore community was attempting to deceive the public. Is that correct? Oh, surely not. Surely Rookieeeeee himself couldn't give them away so easily. Well let's see what other gems we can get from him:
You mention "sexual maturity" in your comment. What age do you think the point of sexual maturity is? I assert that it is the onset of puberty. Puberty is when the body is saying, "I'm ready for sex." Why then is the age of consent (in just about all Western Civ countries) higher than this? Why is the AOC lower in "developing" countries? I personally think that any country where the age of consent is higher is due to society's inability to deal with sexuality, for whatever reason, whether it be because of economics, politics, culture-of-fear, dog-eat-dog ethics, lack of education, etc.
Head snap

Why is the AOC lower in third world countries? OMG it can only be because we, yeah you and me, here in the civilized world, are unable to deal with S.E.X. because we're not as educated as the enlightened and advanced specimens from undeveloped countries.
We're just so unethical and we suffer such extreme levels of economic poverty as compared to the rest of the world. Oh yeah, we live in a society where women and children are valued, not as men's objects but as individuals, a society where women and young girls aren't imprisoned or executed if they cry rape, where women don't have their genitals mutilated by some arbitrary belief of a person who isn't getting his genitals mutilated! We live in a country where our youth are encouraged to finish their college educations and find their way in life before marriage and children, where one man has one vote (and which empowers us) where there's opportunities everywhere if one will only open their eyes to see, where we have the freedom to say the unpopular without getting our heads chopped off. But lo and behold here we have Rookieeeeeee, an American dissing his advanced country because we don't have backwards laws. Here's you a clue where to start looking Rookieeeeee, the age of marriage for young girls is positively correlated with life expectancy. I'll give you an opportunity to see if you can work out why.
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