Protect Your Family Photos Online

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Anyone unaware of the dangers of publishing your family photos online really should read this thread on the Visions of Alice forum.

The thread involves 'girl lovers' giving each other advice on how to gather images on the net, almost exclusively they are searching family photo albums. SweetSmile begins the thread by asking if anyone would like advice on how to enhance their searching capabilities. Amongst the many community members who said yes they do want advice is keepitreal, he responds:

Sweetsmile has some sort of gift for finding images on the net, I personally have quite a lot of pictures and movies, etc. already, but could alwayse use more :) Is it possible to have too much of a good thing? I think not

When one poster expressed concern that this 'tip sharing' could result in direct links to viruses, attackingmoose reassures him:

Family albums almost never have viruses.

SpecialED highlights some of the pesky problems with keywords when searching for images of little girls:

when searching at webshots it doesn't recognize numbers.example- if you search "13th birthday" it wont use the number and instead search for just "th birthday" and you get a wide variety of ages. one way to get around this is to use .. in the space put the following..
"13th birthday" site:
you can sub in other ages aswell and you can also use google the same way for other search words.

there are some search words i know that dont necessarily help with a specific age, but taking the time one can go through the results and find some pictures they are looking for. some search words are..
pool party, camp, trampoline, toe touch, scorpion, splits, backbend, backflip, handstand, cartwheel (and other gymnastics and cheerleading moves)

All these handy hints led Zoraya to proclaim that this 'tip sharing' is proving so useful that they'll start an entirely new part of the forum dedicated solely to this topic which can be found here. It's described as a work in progress.
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