Rookiee The 'Brainiac'

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Apparently the paedophiles are feeling rather threatened. They’re sending in the next line of defense. Rookiee has resurfaced here and attacked one of our guests for a ‘spelling error’....making this the perfect opportunity to consider Rookiee's agenda.

Rookiee is a wanna-be ringleader in the movement to make paedophilia a civil rights issue.

Two months ago he became enraged when he was banned from editing Wikipedia because he attacked and vilified Justin Berry – a victim of child pornography who brought numerous paedophiles to justice. Important to note here that the paedophile community does not view Justin as a victim but, to use their word, a whore.

Our latest encounter with Rookiee brought out his anger at the stings which have been set up to catch online predators. You can read his comments here. He, in classic paedophile form, blames the victims.

It really should come as no surprise then that he comes up with what he dubs a ‘brainiac scheme’.

Here’s how the scheme will work:

- Members of the paedophile community go into adult chat rooms and pose as ‘minors.’
- When adults ask to meet up, they will say no ‘politely but firmly’
- They will see how many adults continue these advances and how many will not
- These ‘results’ will be published on the net

Rookiee explains the purpose of this scheme

If my suspicions are correct, the majority of these adults are not predators and will not insist on meeting up with someone who does not want to. We need to then publish our findings on the web.

What say you?

Daydreamer says:

Brainiac scheme? This has to be the most idiotic plan I've ever seen.

I guess we shouldn’t expect much better from a person who so viciously attacks exploited and abused children though.

So I’m gonna go real slow here and try not to use big words:

If the adult asks to meet up with the child, he is a predator.

Got that? It doesn't matter how the child responds or whether the adult backs off or not.

Your scheme would neither prove a point nor provide any type of information - it only speaks to the level of desperation your community is reaching. You're making a laughing stock of yourself and your community. Ok, brainiac?
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