With A Little Help From His Friends

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

More psychotic ramblings from the paedophile community. Today's excerpts come from Rook's buddy ohellyeah. Today ohellyeah is raging against a commentor. He ever-so-rationally has this to say:

And since you have such a problem with the way I was born, what would you have me do about it? What? Do you think I'm gonna go live in the back of some cave somewhere simply because morons like your self can't understand my attraction? Or the attraction that boys have for me?

He continues with these insights

I am a pedophile whether you like it or not, whether I like it or not, and if you lock me in the deepest dungeon on the face of the earth and never let me see the light of day again I will still be a pedophile. If you stick me in a mental hospital and medicate me untill I can no longer speak and sit me in front of some shrink who's being paid to tell me for hours and hours on end that I'm evil simply for the way I was f--king born, I will still be a pedophile. IF YOU KILL ME I WILL STILL BE A PEDOPHILE! I am a pedophile. This is how God made me. It's not somthing I chose, its not something I can help, but you know what? I AM DAMN F--KING PROUD TO BE ONE! Theres not a DAMN thing you can do about it, and I'll be DAMNED to the DEEPEST PITS OF HELL before I let some shallow minded, over opinonated BIGOT like YOU, who probably doesn't know the first thing about me, about people like me, about the boys who understand and love people like me, about what the word "pedophile" really means, or anything beyond what society has spoon fed your sorry ass since they day you were born, make me feel ashamed of who and what I am.

Now I don't want anyone getting the wrong idea here. While your initial thought may be that this appears to be a prelude to some bizarre mental breakdown, I must say that his community members immediately recognized his mental weakness and rushed in to save the day:

nlsngrc said:

You need to spellcheck before you post these things.

And Rook responded to nlsngrc this way

I just introduced him to the lil "ABC" button at the top. ;)

By all means carry on with your anti-social personality disorder - carry on with your violent, psychotic rants about society. But I'm afraid the brainiac Rook simply must insist that you use a spell-check in the process.
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