Shutting Down a LIAR, again...

Saturday, August 26, 2006

JohnDoe420, known around these parts as the forgettable JD, has a little problem. (Shhh I don't think he knows). You see, he falls a little short in the thinking department. Now while we all know he's a pedovore, AND he likes 'em young (as in 6 months old).... everyone may not be aware that he's practically illiterate. He cannot process and analyze information correctly, though goodness knows he'll give it his best shot, it's not really saying much, but what's even more telling is that he requires the assistance of a 'friend' and even when the two of them put their noggins together they STILL can't get it right.

Let me explain. Pedofreak Autumn used a link to a study .... he analyzed the statistics and concluded that 80% of all child sexual abuse was committed by the parents. He simply misunderstood the results. He applied neglect stats to child sexual abuse stats in the same manner as olive freak did a couple of months ago. So I clarified this particular error on their parts once again. I asked if they deceive on purpose? Or perhaps they are stupid??

I got an answer, oh boy did I. JD rides in to save the day on his high horse. He declares that he's "Shutting down a liar, again....." (me) So nevermind the fact that he's never shut me down for the first time, a second time or any time for that matter. He's never shut AZ down, or proved me or any one of us team members at AZ to be a liar.... He proceeds within one post to call me personally a LIAR a total of 10 times --while quoting me--as quoting the 2004 report which was quoted by Autumn and instead linking to the '99 report himself. Me? Liar?

So let's reiterate.... he called me a liar 10 times, he claimed that I (and AZ) are trying to protect child abusers, he claimed that I am trying to HIDE FACTS about domestic and intrafamilial sexual assaualt.... all this from the slithering PRO CONTACT PRO ABOLISHMENT OF AGE OF CONSENT LAWS pedofreak activist who is despised by at least 90% of his own community. The pedovore who is sexually attracted to 6 month old babies and insists they can give him permission to do what he does.

Well, alrighty then. All of this because I posted a link to a study that they had already linked to but conveniently left out this particular chart.

So, does stating the published words of someone else in quotes make me a liar? Or does perhaps calling me that simply make JD appear blatantly desperate?

*IF* I made this statement
"Ken Lanning of the FBI says that 90% of all child molestations are committed by non pedophiles"
Then YES I'd be a liar.

If, however I said the
DHHS says that 2.6% of sexual molestations are committed by parents
Ken Lanning of the FBI said "Men sexually attracted to young adolescent boys are the most persistent and prolific child molesters known to the criminal justice system"
"Preferential-type sex offenders, and especially pedophiles, are the primary acquaintance sexual exploiters of children"
Gene Able stated that "pedophiles molest 88% of all victims and commit 95% of child molestations."

Would that also be a lie? Would that support the notion that I'm attempting to HIDE EVIDENCE within the vast expanse of the internet from which I first retrieved it?

Or perhaps I've simply been libeled.

JD ends his lunatic rant with this gem of a question
What is her (stitches) personal, vested interest in promoting and protecting the rape of children?

Perhaps her daughter could tell us more.

Well JD you know, this is over the top even for someone as unstable as you are, and I do realize that you felt slighted when I called you forgettable....but just be patient we'll get to you too. You'll get the attention you've been longing for............and it will be a sight to behold.
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