Crake Offers a "Wise Review"

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Or rather, he calls it a wise reivew of Dr. Gene Abel over on that nothing blog. He has lots of tidbits of *ahem* wisdom, such as
The cure is worse than the disease

Of course I would imagine that would depend upon whether you were the pedovore getting your kicks, or the child getting to which one is worse.

Or like Bill Glaser said, the goal of treatment is not a happy client, but rather safe children.

Crake goes on (and on and on) about Abel's plan for identification and treatment, however, guess what you guys? It's not true. Either Crake is an outright LIAR or he can't read.

Next he has a comment from Autumn. Autumn is a new name around these parts, but not exactly new on the scene, apparently thinks we can be faked about it.....*wink wink*

So what Autumn does is give some "FACTS" from the US Department of Human Services. What's interesting here is that these are the same "FACTS" that olive freak tried to give. So here ya go, you mentally challenged 'individual'

These are statistics about child abuse in general, these are not specifically about child sexual abuse. You can't discuss whether or not parents or pedophiles are the ones committing the majority of CSA and say 80% are committed by parents!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*! When the actual statistic is that 80% of child neglect are committed by parents or similar. And only 2.6% of CSA is committed by parents, and IMPLY they are one and the same. They are not one and the same. So did you Autumn share the statistics with the intention to deceive, or are you just that plain stupid?
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