Is this a War or What?

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Picture this: In an attempt to try to improve the image of boylovers, a few of them got together and set up a charity for less fortunate children, as in boys. The money was used to set up a camp for boys, from which they would receive photographs of the boys..... If any of this is sounding familiar see THIS

After the recent NY Times expose by Kurt Eichenwald, AnemicFairy simply wails:
So much then for improving the image of boylovers. The whole story confirmed what I have noticed before: NOTHING we do will make any difference to how we are viewed.
Well, DUH.

Anemic continues:
It seems more and more like the time for debating is over. What scientific research has been done on the issue is in any event mostly on the side of the evil perverts, but that has not made any difference either.

Well, NO actually NONE of it has been on the pedovore side of things, but your young new members believe it, don't they? Your older, less intelligent members believe it. And the rest of you simply don't care....they just repeat it because, hmmmm, maybe because no one challenges them on it? They're trusting in the rest of the community to tell them the truth perhaps?.

Anemic goes on to say that when visiting 'anti-pedo' type sites, you never see attempts at argumentation. Mostly they just post insults, or triumphant messages
We make reasoned, calm arguments. They shout insults.
He/she/it declares.

Well, Anemic, maybe that's true in some cases. We at AZ make comments like that from time to time too....they are the direct result of the sheer outrageous temerity of anyone who in one breath makes statements like





As well as this statement
Not one of us here would EVER do THAT Spoken two days before a major arrest for child molestation from within the community takes place. Perhaps a few days after yet another member is placed on the Sex Offender Registry
Hey, the things you people say chill our very souls. Despite the wild ravings of your most *outed* lunatic, we love our children more than we love ourselves.

But YOU people seem to think that your love for children is on some elevated plane far above mere mortals. You speak of this love as almost a sacred thing, ignoring the realities of the situation. You STUPID freakopaths even condemn parents for WORKING to support their families as if the only parents who could love their children properly are those who are independently wealthy.

You all say these things and then wonder why no one will take you seriously....except as a threat to our childrens safety.

And so back to Anemic who says:
It apparently never occurs to these enthusiastic child 'protectors' that all these laws might be counterproductive. They seem convinced that one can legislate whatever you don't like out of existence. That it might instead simply go underground where NO further control is possible, does not seem to occur to them.

Ah! I see! It never occured to us non pedofreaks. Right. Gotcha. Alrighty then.

Every single one of your boards have been infiltrated.

As soon as a new one goes up BAM someone's there. How do I know this you might ask Well actually there's a lot of different ways I could know it, but you'll have to figure out the correct answer for yourself.

You see, the number one mistake you people make over and over and over is that you simply underestimate us. You threaten our children. We won't stop. Got it?

When we first started AZ some of the comments made were

Stitches is a sick bitch

Daydreamer is a Liar

Nah, they're nothing to be concerned about

They're good for a laugh

Oh well. Some of you like to post song lyrics to which you attach pedopathic meanings, so here's one just for you, an old Blondie tune.......

One way
or another,
I'm gonna find ya'
I'm gonna get ya', get ya', get ya', get ya'
One way or another

Now, ask yourself again....Is this a WAR or WHAT?
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