An Old Case May be Solved

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

JonBenet Ramsey was a victim in more ways than one. First she was robbed of her childhood by being made a beauty queen at much to young of an age. Furthermore enhancing her "beauty" beyond normal childhood cuteness and parading that beauty on stage may well have made her especially vulnerable to a few less than desireable people.

We all know she was murdered in her home. At first her parents, and then her brother were under suspicion but nothing could be proved. Now a suspect has been arrested in Thailand of all places. He is being held there on an unrelated sex-charge. He is a 41 year old school teacher teaching second grade. I suspect he will not be teaching school much longer, and I wonder how many other children this subhuman harmed but didn't kill.

That poor little girl was robbed first of her childhood, then God Himself knows what all this guy did to her, then she was robbed of her life.

Then her parents, not only had to suffer the loss of their child, but also suffer years of suspicion thanks to our tendency to jump to conculsions.

God rest her soul.
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