Dr. Gene Abel

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Some of you may recall the exchange here between members of this blog and paedophile Jillium. Now Jillium was rather upset because we referred him to the work of Dr. Gene Abel. Specifically, his findings that

pedophiles molest 88% of all victims and commit 95% of child molestations.

Clearly this is in direct contradiction to the spin the paedophile community relies on. So to counter these facts, Jillium has made a series of comments which can be found at the above link. We will now address these issues in turn with reference to the website Jillium has supposedly read.

Jillium said:
he's a b-grade researcher with an agenda

The facts:
Gene G. Abel, M.D. is a full professor of Psychiatry who has taught at several medical schools, including Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. Dr. Abel is currently affiliated with Emory University School of Medicine and Morehouse School of Medicine.

Dr. Abel, who has been a research scientist in the field of sexual violence for more than 30 years, is at the top of his field, both nationally and internationally.

Jillium said:
Abel is a crackpot who promotes coercing non-offending paedosexuals into ineffective "treatment."

The facts:
His treatment outcome study demonstrated that when treatment focused first on specific techniques to directly lower the offender's sexual arousal to children, it was most effective. Those techniques, along with an option of medical intervention for the most dangerous and both a strong relapse prevention component and a surveillance component, proved 96% effective in stopping subsequent sex crimes.

Jillium said:
I have read about his plan and the "abel screen" that he hopes to use to scan people for paedosexuality.

The facts:
The Abel Assessment for sexual interest™ (AASI) is a comprehensive evaluation and treatment tool that provides baseline data, treatment planning guidance, and evaluation of progress throughout the treatment process.

The AASI has been used by over 1500 clinicians throughout North America to evaluate more than 70,000 clients.

Please visit Abel's website today to learn more about the crackpot researcher who has published in excess of 100 scientific articles, 19 research papers, taught at the finest universities in the U.S., trained law enforcement around the country and won numerous awards including being named a Distinguished Life Fellow of the APA in 2004.
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