Twilight 's Brains Fell Out

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Twilight said:
I said looking at child pornography is a social taboo, and that that shouldn't be the reason it's illegal.

It should be illegal to try and lessen the amount of CP being made.

I'm thinking that perhaps that was a Freudian slip. I hope.
I agree with the anti-CP laws as long as they're being enacted for the right reasons

Child pornography shouldn't be illegal just because people think it's wrong for adults to view or own, as that would imply that it's being banned on puritanical reasons

While I would have expected such a statement from the militant psychopathic Demosthenes, the nauseating Lindsay, the wishy-washy Todd, the completely-without-a-shred-of-empathy Turtle, the deranged Danny Wyatt, the immature BlueRibbon, the academic-wanna-be Jillium, the I'm-at-war-no-I'm-not-yes-I-am Silent War, the psychotic mathematician olive freak, the I'm-a-writer-who-can't-spell Crake, the everyone-stop-molesting-children-and-collecting-childporn-so maybe we can fake some people off Rookieeeeee, the liar BB, the forgettable JD420, the please-stop-ruining-child-abusers-lives Pedo-Ken, or even the inarticulate, trouble-making dimwitted Debatecrime, but I NEVER expected it from you TWI.

Bignewsday answered you best when he said:
Child porn should be illegal because it exploits and harms children. For this reason, anyone knowingly producing, possessing, or viewing child porn is breaking the law and should be locked up. Whether someone is paying for it should have no bearing on whether or not a crime has been committed.

I'd like to just ask you some questions, why do you think it's wrong to kill? Or do you? Could it be social taboo? Who decides? Who decides what's right or wrong? Who decides how best to have an order to society. Do you believe there should be any laws at all? As a law will necessarily step on someone's toes, maybe there should be none. Maybe we should all live lawlessly and every man (or child) for himself. Perhaps you believe psychopaths should just run rampant. Perhaps you believe that the right of the pervert to inflict himself upon the innocence of our youth and forever change their lives is more important than for children to have the right to not be exploited. Hmmm I do indeed wonder about you.

I personally think you're a victim of the Kinsey era..... the "anything goes and it's ok that we restrained babies and molested them for hours on end because we have a biased reason to do so" mentality.

Or it could simply be that you aren't the same Twilight I met a few months ago. I believe you are heavily influenced by the pedovore community. In one breath you say you agree with something here on AZ and the next you say something so asinine it
Takes Your Breath Away

I told you yesterday to give it a couple of days to think on it, but your youthful impatience got the best of you and you spouted off this nonsense here. You either go put on your thinking cap and think reeeeeaaaaaaaal hard and tell me what's wrong with this picture I'm getting of you. If you can't do that---Don't you DARE come back here and speak one more word, or you will be deleted on sight forever and ever amen.

And by the way, where's your cohort Jillium? His cat got his prolific tongue maybe? Or maybe he's hunched over his computer searching desparately for journal abstracts. Tell him I'm waiting for him.
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