Facts According to Jay Part 3

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Jay Baskins, see HERE, and HERE, and HERE, tells us about this little thing called A FACTOID, which he defines as:
A statement of presumed fact that people believe to be true because they hear it repeated over and over
The activities of the "pedophile" are always traumatizing and cause great harm to the "victims"
Jay states that the ACTUAL fact is:
In their study "A Meta-Analytic Review of Findings from National Samples on Psychological Correlates of Child Sexual Abuse," Rind and Tromovitch (1998) came to the following conclusion: "CSA (child sexual abuse) is not associated with pervasive harm and that harm, when it occurs, is not typically intense." This peer reviewed article which appeared in the most prestigious psychological journal in the US was condemned by Congress.
This is what Jay doesn't tell you however:
The Rind study was roundly condemned by many and eventually criticized by the American Psychological Association, publisher of Psychological Bulletin. Paul Fink, M.D., former president of the American Psychiatric Association, pointed out that most of the studies discussed by the authors had never undergone rigorous peer review, and that the results were largely based on one study conducted over 40 years ago.
Hmmm, must've been an oversight on Jay's part.
We will be addressing the Rind et al study shortly. But, it's much too much to include here. So I'll try to summarize a few points as briefly as possible before I get to the TRUE facts.

This was a tremendously (and obviously) flawed study. The authors excluded both those with the most evidence of harm and those which showed the highest incidence of abuse. That's bias. Bias yields unreliable results.... Results which are meant to prove the point you want them to prove. DUH

Consider also the fact that the majority of the incidents of child sexual abuse included in the study consisted of indecent exposure that did not involve physical contact. Thus, in most cases the sexual abuse was either comparatively minor or nonexistent. It is as if a study that purports to examine the effects of being shot in the head contained a majority of cases in which the marksman missed. Such research might demonstrate that being shot in the head generally has no serious or lasting effects. The Leadership Council for Mental Health, Justice, and the Media, (1999).
Next let us consider the following: A study by Debra K. Peters and Lillian M. Range found significant differences between contact and non-contact child sexual abuse (distinctions that for statistical purposes the Rind study ignores):

Further, a consistent finding was that women and men whose sexual abuse involved touching were more suicidal, less able to cope, and felt less responsible to their families than nonabused students. The experience of being touched in a sexual way appears to be more damaging than other kinds of unwanted sexual experiences. ..

As far as lasting effects go, there are a multitude of online sources that will break it down for you, but for our purposes today I'm going to go to Bill Glaser for the answer.
Imagine a society afflicted by a scourge which struck down a quarter of its daughters and up to one in eight of its sons. Imagine also that this plague, while not immediately fatal, lurked in the bodies and minds of these young children for decades, making them up to sixteen times more likely to experience its
disastrous long-term effects. Finally, imagine the nature of these effects: life-threatening starvation, suicide, persistent nightmares, drug and alcohol abuse and a whole host of intractable psychiatric disorders requiring life-long treatment.
The scourge that we are speaking of is child sexual abuse. It has accounted for probably more misery and suffering than any of the great plagues of history, including the bubonic plague, tuberculosis and syphilis. Its effects are certainly more devastating and widespread than those of the modern-day epidemics which currently take up so much community attention and resources: motor vehicle accidents, heart disease and now AIDS.
The harm caused by child sexual abuse is immeasurable.

And then there's Krafft-Ebing who pedovores love to love:
Even the great sexologist, Krafft-Ebing, who labelled Freud’s observations a “fairy-tale”, nonetheless was well aware of the dangerousness and deviousness of child molesters. In his book on sexual perversions, he pointed out the “inexhaustible” range of types of sexual assault committed by child molesters and also emphasised the “monstrosity” of their deeds.
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