A Sleeping Beast of Prey

Thursday, December 17, 2009

BoyChat member, Dgennero A.K.A. Michael Tanner, tries the oldest pedo-garbage lines in the book when it comes to defending his pedophilia:

"If you don't make a difference between people whose sexual desire gets out of control and boylovers who LOVE, not EXPLOIT, boys with heart and soul, you are blind. Do you realize that attitudes like yours CREATE molesters? You suppress the sexual urge which leads to neurosis. Some people then become molesters, others become pedophobes. You said: "It's their bodies, let the boys choose..." EXACTLY, you're darn right!"

"Boylovers just looooove children soooo much" so much, that they try at all costs to convince themselves that any sexual contact with children isn't exploitative and harmful. Pedophiles even try to blind themselves into believing that children want to be molested - we all know how the distorted pedo-brains can't distinguish kids just being kids from what the perverts wish was "flirtatious" behavior.

Tanner has this to say to people who think kids deserve to live free from the sickness pedophiles have to offer:
"Maybe I myself feel that deep inside myself there's a sleeping beast of prey, maybe inside of everyone.

Of course many people have aggressive fantasies from time to time but don't act out. These fantasies aren't necessarily unhealthy. Usually there are enough "dams" or "shields" around our personality. Here I see what happens if the dams break and the shields fall."

"When I'm aggressive my target usually is those who try to kill the feeling of BOYLOVE, not the BOY I love. I pray it never ever will be!"

Be sure to read Michael Tanners article on Wikisposure.

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