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Friday, December 11, 2009

Earlier during the week more details surfaced about the case which has dominated internet pedophile message boards for the past few weeks: Dale Hodges A.K.A. Jagdawg and Daryl Demke, had allegedly admitted to committing child sex crimes while they were being arrested:

"Demke allegedly admitted he molested a 9-year-old boy from Dahlonega."

"When Hodges' townhome was searched, he allegedly admitted to giving his neighbor Demke child pornography."

I don't think anyone was surprised to find out they were probably guilty. That is, anyone except for David Riegel, who was already in the process of writing a book about it:

"This proposed book is to be based upon what is seen as an overstepping of both legal limits and common sense by law enforcement operatives in Atlanta and elsewhere, a matter that is still being researched, and which is in need of contributions from those affected. It is a work in progress, and the chapters, which are in some cases only a beginning, and which are available only in MSWord format for downloading, may change on a daily or even hourly basis."

Here's an update on the progress of Riegels book anyway - in light of the alleged admissions of guilt:

David Riegel A.K.A. Bridgebuilder
"After civil discussion over on BLISS, it seemed as though the title previously used for the book on the BLN debacle, The Atlanta Witch Hunt, was inappropriate and unsatisfactory because "witches" had actually been caught."
So, he's scraped the title of the book and acknowledged the fact that those raided probably admitted they're guilty, but he's contining to write his book. Now the book is about:
"The point of the book is that the "crimes" committed by three of the people in Atlanta (the fourth had nothing to do with porn or boys) were only connected to by the obvious and outright lies (e.g., upgrading to full membership required submitting ten pieces of child pornography, etc.)"
But from what we here at AZ have seen of Riegels 'book project,' it's degenerated even further to being much more like the other books he written: books about David Riegels own pedo-philosophy. These books have in the past earned him the scorn, of even other pedophile activists - and that was reading what he'd written before he was aware that the members had allegedly confessed.

The actual topic of Riegels book has little to do with the raids on - the actual goal is to appeal to other pedophiles activists, to adopt Riegels own bizarre ideas about pedophilia:
"It is commonly assumed that sexually expressed relationships between boys and older males are intrinsically "wrong" and harmful, and that all scientific evidence and research supports these assumptions. But any such empirical evidence is actually rare, and there is much evidence that, on the contrary, such relationships, so long as they are consensual, are more likely to be positive and beneficial."
But I've got a better idea for Riegels book: maybe he could write about how pro-pedophile comments help incite pedophiles to commit sexual crimes against children - he could even use the arrests of members as examples.
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