Pedo-refugees flood the internet...

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

As their favorite pervert forums collapse one after the other. The most recent closure is that of Loren Robb's "BoyZoom:"

"GENERAL NOTICE - 1st December 2009

BoyZoom's Independent News Page

The BoyZoom board is now closed permanently.

Please be assured that this is a unilateral action by the partners and is not at the behest of any court order.

It is a deeply sad decision we have taken, but we consider it is a prudent step for all concerned; consequently all data and board activity relating to each and every member has been securely deleted from the server.

We hope that everyone enjoyed their time as members and wish you all a safe + happy future.

The BoyZoom Partnership"

This follows a Police raid of Loren Robb and the arrest of several high-level members in various parts of the globe. In the aftermath of the closure of and now BoyZoom, pedo-refugees wander the internet looking for any forum which will tolerate people who want to abuse children for sexual pleasure. Some of them show up on BoyChat:

"Such a shame:(. BoyZoom has been my on-line home. I'm wasted.:("
"rest in peace boyzoom, even though i was only there a few days you were everything to me and a whole lot of ppl, especially in these last few days...:D"
"I wish the world could understand our pain. History repeats itself: a group of "different" people are prosecuted, attacked, denied their existence...for what? Because they're not normal? What is normal?"
"Yea :/ at least bz wasn't "directly" taken down by the Man. I know what I want for christmas, I want bz/ back T___T"
I think I've already got my Christmas present.
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