Members Raided Around the World

Sunday, November 29, 2009

While the raids were being carried out in Atlanta by ICE Agents, elsewhere in the world other members were getting similar surprises of their own; Like the three men you see to the left (from left to right: Ivo Cespedes Cabrales, Reinoso Manuel Aguilera and Christian Halabi Aguirre), who were arrested in Chile by local authorities along with another man, Gonzalo Hernandez.

The prosecutor working the case of the Chilean's commented:
"The important thing is that this network is disrupted, the page in which they made contact with the network is down, which is a major blow to prevent further linking these subjects, sharing information,"
In our previous post about the raids, the pedos were unsure whether "Lostboy," the founder of, who resides in the Netherlands had been raided. It seems that this question has now also been answered:
"Agents in several other countries raided locations and made arrests Wednesday. The alleged leader of the Web site was arrested in the Netherlands."
And the server? Hopefully in the hands of Law Enforcement who are waiting to pick up their next batch of members. The message is clear: if you have an interest sexually exploiting children, wherever in the world you are, justice will find you too.
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