If I was someone who could do evil things...

Monday, November 09, 2009

"Or in the back of my mind I'm going, if I date this woman I'll have free access to 3 little girls. Now I dont want to date just because of the kids, but I dont want to feel guilty that I will be using her to get to her kids."

These are the thoughts going through Severen Shields head when deciding whether or not to date women. Shields is a member of a forum for pedophiles which specializes in "child erotica" stories, known as Mr. Double. Posting under the nickname "Devholyjoke," Shields shared some of his perverted thoughts with other sickos:
"I was in the mall the other day. I had a few girt certifacites to spend, so I was walking down one of the main halls. And in front of me was this cute little 8yo girl. Brown hair pulled into a ponytail, a pink and white sweater and jeans. She was just walking in front of me maybe 3 feet. Besides thinking damn this girl has a cute ass, I also was wondering were this child parents are….So I just admired her daughter's ass as I walked to my car."
Shields seems to always be on the lookout for the parents of children he's perving on, he talks about that more here:
"As I walked past the Wii display I saw a girl about 10-11 playing it. She has blond hair in a ponytail, a pink and white vertical striped sleeveless shirt with titlets poking out and white shorts. As I was taking in her beauty I notice that there wasn't a parent or any sibling hovering around or in the general area.

Now I was thinking, this is sad, if I was someone who could do evil things I could easily grab or coax this girl out of the store and into my car before her parents would even know that she was gone. But of course I just it be my fantasy and quietly walked to the front to check out."

Abducting a child is a "fantasy" to Shields...

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