'I am the funny, cool guy that all the kids love hanging out with'

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Derek Foster (shown to the left) is a Youth Counselor and also a Fireman:

"I have a cool job. A youth Counselor for troubled teens. Males mind you. What a handful they are."

What Foster probably doesn't tell his employers, is that he's also a regular poster on a number of forums for pederasts under the screen name "TheGreatBL." He talks about his job a little more...
"I am always the funny, cool guy that all the kids love hanging out with. So, to me, that is am advantage that i love about being in my early 20's. Its the fact that i can associate with the younger crowd more. "
Fosters posts on pedophile forums range in a variety of pervert-related topics. From how he'd like to suck on a 12-year old child's genitals, through to how pedophile forums helped him come to perceive pedophilia as acceptable:
"I finally was happy with myself that i wasent alone. Being here and having the friends that i do from the board has made me finally happy and at peace with myself. I now feel normal and more at peace now knowing that im not alone. I am happy knowing that there are so many of us. "
...and this is someone who's working as a youth counselor.
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