An Authentic Sense of Pride

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Mark Hunneyman AKA "Snowcat" is proud to be a pervert, he boasts to his fellow pedopals on BoyChat:

"I’m writing this because you guys have helped me take back control of my life one step at a time. I have made some wonderful friends who have given me hope and a real, authentic sense of pride. Shame has no place in my life anymore."

Places like BoyChat encourage pedophiles to embrace their desire to sexually abuse children and be proud of it.

Shame probably doesn't have much of a place in Mark's life... he's too distorted to realize what a perverted freak he is:
"The boy was really amazing. His skin was nice and tanned and he had that beautiful body that only a little boy can have. At one point he was sitting in his chair and he lifted his feet into the air so not only could I see his feet but I could almost catch a glimpse of what was in his shorts"
Pedophiles really have trouble grasping the fact that children aren't interested in being sexually abused by them, here's Mark again:
"20:37 <> just think, there's boys lying in their beds thinking about a man's cock

20:38 <> wishing to feel it, taste it'"

A run-in with the law when he was 19 prevents him from working around children, but Mark says he's holding out till his brother has children...

"I think at this point my only hope is that my brother will have kids someday soon."

Any guesses what he's planning to do?
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