But where did the money go?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Three years on from the Lindsay Ashford/Todd Nickerson "Save the Children" Fiasco of 2006 and Todd Nickerson is still feeling the burn.

For those who weren't around back then, basically Todd Nickerson and Lindsay Ashford asked GirlChat to donate money which they would then donate to the organization "Save the Children" as a publicity stunt to promote pedophilia. Nickersons role in the project was as the donation collector who was going to pass on all the donations to Save the Children. All in all, the perverts were able to pull together about $1,000.00 - everything was going smoothly - they'd made the donation and they even received a letter back thanking them for it.

At that time Save the Children weren't aware that it had been donated as a publicity stunt for pedophiles, that is until Lindsay Ashford posted a press release about it on his website:
"We are glad that Save the Children, despite the prevailing antipathy against girllovers, has seen fit to accept our gifts and in so doing recognized our commitment to aiding the empoverished children of the world and enabled us to do so."
Save the Children returned the money to Nickerson in the form of a check and he also received a letter from the State of Connecticut Attorney General’s Office threatening legal action if he didn't take the statement on Ashfords website down. Nickerson claims that he cashed the check and donated the money to another charity which he refused to name (even to those which had sent in donations):

Todd - Wednesday, August 2 2006
"Secondly, I decided to make the donation an anonymous one because I do NOT care to go through any of this crap again. I made a choice that I felt was in the best interests of myself, the community AND the children."
Later that month Nickerson complained that his computers monitor was playing up:

Todd - Sunday, August 27 2006
"I can get the background to appear pink, but everything else has a pinkish tint as well. I'm beginning to suspect the monitor is a piece of crap."
A couple of days later Nickerson's in GirlChat's chatroom boasting about his new computer monitor and other GirlChatters start to get suspicious about where he got the money for it:

Breedr - Saturday, September 9 2006
"I was there in chat when Todd talked about his new monitor. I wish I could find the most current fancy monitor out of a garbage. Oh wait a minute here, he had a pile of money kicking around."
Nickerson's refusal to name where the Save the Children donation money had went caused an uproar at GirlChat, who were demanding some answers.

Then most recently - three years after the fiasco - Nickerson posted his side of the story in a desperate plea to regain access to GirlChat's chatroom:
"I got a call from someone claiming to be FBI who demanded that I hand over money that was entrusted to me by GC or else he would frame me with child porn. I was terrified, and I felt I could not tell anyone because I was told he was a well-known poster a GC and so I couldn't trust anyone. It was my worst nightmare come true."
Kero Chan (a moderator at GirlChat) responded criticizing Nickerson's past attempt to reject his pedophilia and asking that he pay back the donation money before being given access to GirlChat's chatroom again:
"As for chat, you should try to set up a payment plan with us via email. Paying a small amount each month would go a long way in showing everyone you're serious about paying back the money you took from GC."
Nickerson responds claiming that he's already made payments, but lacks the income to pay back more:
"I did pay over half of it back ($700), so I still owe $600, hardly over $1000, but I guess it's enough. The fact is, I simply cannot pay it back. I can't make payments because I don't make enough money even to pay rent."
This begs the question: If Todd Nickerson "anonymously donated the money to charity," why would he be paying any of it back?

Anyway, he finishes up his post...
"Well, at the very least can you give me a temporary reprieve, just for tonight? I really need to talk to someone."
Nickersons biggest mistake of his life was ever embracing his pedophilia and going to GirlChat to begin with, his second biggest mistake was not going all the way when he wanted to reject it, cutting the GirlChatters out of his life for good and getting some proper counseling or psychological support before it's too late. Now look where he is, and all the GirlChatters have to offer is more of the same lies and rationalizations.
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