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Wednesday, November 25, 2009



This is Tabris, a Member Support Admin on

As it stands, the board is closed indefinately. It has been confirmed that several admins have been arrested. At this time I can't confirm whether or not LostBoy is among those who has been raided.

I will update this thread as soon as I know more. I just thought you all should know. You're my family and I love each and every one of you, be safe and don't panic.

- Tabris"

Photo (from left to right and then below): Dale Hodges, Loren Robb, Joseph Gittings

Boyzoom Members, some very sad news.

A short while ago one of our Directors, Loren, was raided by the police at his home.

At this point we do not know the focus of this action against him.

We do know his computer equipment has been seized and we are awaiting further news.

At present there is no indication that this is related or linked to the Boyzoom website or indeed any of it’s members.

As a direct result of this the Boyzoom server was shut down whilst Loren’s account and access privileges were removed to ensure the sites security, this was done within minutes of the raid.

This is understandably very upsetting for all of the staff and members and anyone wishing support with these issues raised by this event should contact the member support team in the first instance.

We will update you as appropriate as we know more.
Here's a video about it:

Federal agents said Wednesday that they broke up an international child pornography ring and a large part of it was being run out of Metro Atlanta. Two men were placed in federal custody and two more were faced with local charges.

Two men went before a federal magistrate judge Wednesday on a variety of child pornography charges.

Court documents state the men helped to send graphic images of young boys all over the world.

There's another interesting story and video here:

Wednesday morning, the agents from Immigration Customs Enforcement were still at the home carrying out computer hard drives and boxes of other evidence.

Court records showed Joseph Gittings was the number two leader in a worldwide network operation a Web site called Thousands of pedophiles shared obscene pictures of children, and according to the Web site, members must post their own content in order to stay registered.

Agents also seized their computers and they could also face additional charges based on the evidence.Agents in several other countries raided locations and made arrests Wednesday. The alleged leader of the Web site was arrested in the Netherlands.
It looks like the filth are under attack from all sides, I can't think of anything better than the thought of justice catching up to more pedophile activists!
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