What do these websites have in common?

Saturday, December 12, 2009





Well, according to BoyChat, they're all no longer online as a result of the November 25th raids:


"As part of a domino effect from the BL.net raids and having its sister site KidzLandOnline shutdown over "content concerns" by the host BoyLandOnline has been shutdown permanently, I fear the days of BL boards may be coming to an end.

"Due to all the recent events in the BL world we no longer believe that BLOL is a safe place for our members. The members security is our main concern so regrettably we have taken the decision to close BLOL permanently. Thanks for all the support you have over the years and good luck for the future.

A special thanks go to all the members who have served as Staff Members over the years we have been open. You have done a tremendous job in keeping BLOL safe and this decision in no way reflects on you.

Believe you me I shed tears as I typed this post.""

BoyLandOnline and KidzLandOnline are the latest to collapse following the arrests of several high-level Boylover.net members and the administrator of BoyZoom:

"If you look at all these things and the thick atmosphere of irrational fear and intense hatred of us and combine it with the wikisposure 'reasoning' I am sad to say it is actually a miracle that we have survived this long and I'm deeply deeply saddened because in my heart of hearts I think that boychat's days our numbered too."
"Damn !! If this kind of shit keeps happening, were all gunna be homeless."
"Anyone know what happened to kidzlandonline.com? It's like, gone! Do you think they could have been raided too? "
In just a few weeks, the web presence of pedophile activism has been significantly reduced.
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