A Perverts Fairytale

Monday, December 28, 2009

As part of grooming a child, pedophiles will often 'play' games with children which involve a lot of physical contact and touching. "Wrestling games" seem to be a favorite amongst pedo's, who are sexually excited at being able to molest a child under the guise of 'playing a game.' From GirlChat:

"I remember wrestling around with my stepdaughters and one of my older stepdaughters friend one time. She was 10yo and I could distinctly "sense" her arousal."

"i had my 4 lg friends over today (none of which are over 10 yrs old) and we were all wrestling as we usually do...."
In the same post, Justincredible goes on to talk about how one of the young girl's (approximately 5 years-old) who he was 'playing with,' had stopped and was:
"laying face down on the bed pulling the sheet up between her legs and humping it, and i mean all out thrusting, clenching butt cheeks and everything. she was even putting her hands down there too, not down her pants, or at least i'm pretty sure not, but just down there."
Kids will occasionally touch themselves as they develop into an adult and explore their bodies, there could be nothing abnormal about it or it could be a sign of something else - in either case you're probably thinking: the best thing to do in a situation like this is to quietly tell the child's parents what's going on so they can have that conversation with their daughter... right?

If you thought like that, you're not thinking like a pervert does:
"she must have done this like 10 times. i continued wrestling with the other girls but kept watching her the whole time.

of course it was driving me absolutely bonkers. everytime she turned over to take a break i'd smile at her. it turned me on so bad i had to take a break and go into the bathroom."
- Totally sick in the head, Justin has this to say about his writing:
"i admit my posts usually do have a level of "fairytale" feel. but that's how i write, my job involves writing and i have always been quite the wordsmith."
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