The Future of "Boylove"

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

In Atlanta, while the anti-pedophile raids on Dale Hodges AKA Jagdawg and Joseph Gittings AKA Joecool were going down, a third member of was also being taken into custody: Daryl Demke. Who lived next door to Hodges, as his neighbor.

"In a Roswell police report, a detective said Demke allegedly admitted he molested a 9-year-old boy from Dahlonega. According to the incident report, Demkey told the detective that he had "befriended [the 9-year-old] and attempted to be a mature male figure" in the boy's life.

Demke went on to say that in October the boy had stayed over at his home, a frequent occurrence, and the abuse began. Demke apparently confessed to taking pictures of the acts and saved them to his computer.

"After that he confessed to all this stuff," said McGee."

More about Dale Hodges and Daryl Demke:
"In November, the source also met with Hodges at his townhome. There, he reported seeing pornographic images of children allegedly stored on Hodges' computer.

When Hodges' townhome was searched, he allegedly admitted to giving his neighbor Demke child pornography. In the Roswell police report, ICE agents confirmed there was alleged child pornography on Demke's computer, which was seized."
In the days following the collapse of and BoyZoom, we've seen comments by pedophiles complaining about how they're no longer able to get "support" from these groups. However, the only "support" these groups offer is support for pedophilia, and support in rationalizing child abuse. Just look at their leadership - that's the future "Boylove" has to offer.
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