Members Denied Bond

Saturday, December 05, 2009

According to one news article:

"Dale Hodges (pictured far left), 27, of 114 Old Ferry Way in Roswell, was also arrested Nov. 25 and charged with receiving and possessing child pornography.
Walker denied his bond Monday."

In regards to Joseph Gittings (pictured immediate left):

"Joseph Gittings, 24, of 1930 Chadwick Drive, has been charged with distribution of child pornography.

He was expected to appear Wednesday afternoon before U.S. Magistrate Linda T. Walker.

U.S. Attorney Jill Steinberg said she planned to ask that bond not be set for Gittings."

Things aren't looking good at all for the perverts, who were arrested along with others around the globe last week:
"Immigration and Customs Enforcement Special Agent David Westall testified that a confidential source told authorities that in October, Gittings burned images of child pornography onto a DVD.

“During the time the source was in the house, he saw a file on Gittings’ computer labeled ‘Jagdawg,’ which is an online moniker for Dale Hodges,” Steinberg said. “Gittings conveyed to the source that those images were given to Gittings by Dale Hodges.”
Despite the evidence mounting up against them, hope still echos from the pedo-refugee camps. You see, David Riegel AKA Bridgebuilder has got a plan: he's is going to write book in which all will be revealed!

"Glad you posted - please convey my best wishes to the other directors and staff. I am trying to assemble the "facts" of the raid on BLN for a "rebuttal" project I have begun to develop, and would be very pleased to hear privately from you or others."
He may not have facts.

He may not even know anything about how the raids went down, or why.

But he's writing a rebuttal to it all!

After it's complete, Riegel plans to submit the rebuttal to in the form of a PDF, where he will sell it next to his other pro-pedophile books. With its solid foundation - people will be falling over themselves to shell out money to read it.
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