'Your continued ignorance'

Monday, August 10, 2009

Child Pornography is illegal and for the obvious reasons. Very few people would challenge this, but there are some that do; GirlChat poster 'Stahntii,' is one of these few. He claims that by making child pornography illegal, that it incites pedophiles to commit even more extreme and sadistic sexual acts against kids:
"banning something altogether never depletes curiosity, interest, or demand for it, but rather increases demand and in a more corrupted and abusive manner; a manner that causes for the industry to become progressively more and more barbaric/cruel/sadistic"
'Stahntii' is not alone in this line of thinking (if you can call it that), outside of GirlChat, Mary Duval A.K.A. "Tikibug" once made this remark about 'child erotica' stories being published online which depicted little kids being sadistically sexually abused and tortured:

"Isn't that just horifying?

Now we've got thought police and... you know people. I've had a couple of people say "well... you know, she shouldn't have been writing that."

Well, you know what? She wasn't acting upon it... that's what I'm talking about: we need prevention."
Such ideas for 'preventative measures' and all with the welfare of children in mind.... right?

'Stahntii' lays down with the following reasons why he thinks child pornography should be legalized:
"So then, We should allow the child erotica industry to come "above ground" so that it can be effectively understood, monitored, and regulated. And we should do this primarily so that we can all know that, at the very least, the industry:
1.) is not forcing or coercing any young stars to do anything they don't want to do.
2.) is paying their young stars well.
3.) is not putting their them at risk of acquiring diseases.
4.) is not allowing any activity that causes a them mental or physical damage of any kind.
5.) is not violating their wills and is being regularly treating with respect and dignity."
It's a lot to take in, isn't it?

Especially how anyone can talk about treating children with "respect and dignity" while they're talking about sexually exploiting them. Here's how he finishes up...
The choice is yours. However, your continued ignorance is bringing much pain and suffering to young people globally, every single minute that passes. Would it be so terrible to get over this silly taboo, if it meant that your new purpose was to allow for the most happiness to come to all (young and old). It's that simple.
Criminalizing child pornography doesn't bring suffering and pain to children, it's the sick people who choose to exploit children which do that. And government sanctioned child sexual abuse would only bring happiness to individuals who are depraved and sick enough to enjoy it.
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