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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Michael Melsheimer:
I have known Fred Berlin for more than 20 years. Do you know that he spoke against the reporting law in the state legislature of Maryland when it was first proposed in the late 80's? This was not a popular thing to do. I was with him when he did this.

Berlin says a lot of things publicly, so do people like ourselves. We never say everything.
shy guy:
NAMBLA was founded in late 1978 following a meeting of a group of gay community activists that had rallied to defend the Boston gay community against a media/legal attack by the local DA.

I should note that among the most influential early members was an anarchist ex-minister with a background of anti-war activism and writing as well as activism on economic justice issues
Michael Melsheimer of B4U-Act is the new breed of pedophile activist which attempts to ride the fence between what is acceptable (help pedophiles not offend) and a group of men who get together just to figure out ways to legalize boy raping. The name of his organization upsets the BoyChatters however. B4U-Act implies that Michael wants to help them NOT rape babies. This is unacceptable to the pedophiles. The truth is that Michael doesn't want to stop them at all. He merely wants to infest society with a bunch of crap. He wants the same thing he's always wanted. He just can't say it. He can't say it to us, he can't say it to the mental health community and he can't even tell the pedo groups that he's on their side. We'd find out if he did. He's sneaky that way.

Michael has found the way to sideswipe society he thinks. He's convinced the Baltimore Mental Health Community that he's something he's not. BoyChat doesn't know what to think of him and the Reform Sex Offender Law Campaign is loving him.

Follow along with some conversations from BoyChat. Some brand spanking new, some a little older. The language never changes but his mission is made clear - Nambla didn't work. We must try something new.

Michael Melsheimer:
B4U-ACT is doing great. I recently spoke with a person that had something to do with the starting of NAMBLA. He thought it looked good.
Does Maryland know you show your webpage to old NAMBLA founders for approval?

Does everyone who goes to LifeLine know that your goal for them is to 'eliminate offending?' Or is it your goal? And if it isn't, does Maryland know that too?

Oh what a tangled web we weave....
What exactly DID you acomplish? Your website still states your goal as 'eliminating offending'? How much offending do you think you eliminated (with the gracious help of this unnamed NAMBLA founder)?
Michael Melsheimer:
Your website still states your goal as 'eliminating offending'?
It certainly does not.

The term child molester is not in the B4U-ACT lexicon. We do have in our lexicon the term minor attracted person. B4U-ACT wants to work with any minor attracted person that seeks us out.
It's right on your site!
Here is a sentence from your report to Baltimore Mental Health Systems (22 June 2007)describing B4U-ACT's purposes:
"The report describes how improved communication would contribute to the prevention of offending, the prevention of harm to minor-attracted adults and adolescents, increased understanding by mental health professionals, and more effective and just policies."
But the question now is: why not just say it here too? Why deny it so adamently here at BoyChat? Because it's a lie you made to BMHS? Or, because you don't wish your potential clients here to know that is your goal?
Michael Melsheimer:
The report was dated 2007. It is part of our history, but the passage that offends you is no longer relevant to our site today. I can't change what is in our history and would be dishonest to try. It would be like BC editing their archives. Our site changed in December 2008 because of the statement you quoted.

Be assured you will find no current reference to prevention of offending. You can take that to the bank.
Why don't you post here and now that neither you nor B4U-ACT take a position on the appropriateness or inappropriateness of adult/minor intimacy?

Why not state that it is now NOT the goal of B4U-ACT to 'eliminate offending'?
Michael Melsheimer:
People sometimes say too much and destroy what they really want to do. I have already said a lot and don't want to say anymore.
Do you personally believe that any and all adult/minor sexual interaction qualifies as 'offending' and requires elimination?

Why can't you give straight answers to simple questions? It seems almost a pathology with you.
Michael Melsheimer:
People sometimes say too much and destroy what they really want to do. I have already said a lot and don't want to say anymore.
There is something called "politics", it a game which MM must play.

As things progress the politics change. Soon the word "offending" won't be used at all in b4uacts rhetoric.

Further, sexual activity with minors is illegal. It is irrelevant (to this discussion) whether it should be legal or not, the bottom line is that it is and b4uact must work within that framework. Neither b4uact nor the psychological community not the BL community at large wishes BLs to commit crimes for which they may go to jail.

You need to understand well as rhetoric and politics.
If MM declared a position on the appropriateness of sexual acts here it may alienate those he works with since he has now taken on an agenda which is not a part of his organization.
What state agency would knowingly give someone money if they knew the effort he was putting into Lifeline/BoyChat?
Michael Melsheimer:
It is important for the MAA community to have contacts in organizations like Stop it Now. They have great influence on the legislative process, and we need to know them and they need to know us. Some of the people that work for these organizations are not anti MAA. It serves our community well to find, know, and work with them
I am all for advocating people break the law, especially when it comes to mutually agreeable activities.
Michael Melsheimer:
I was on the Sally Jesse Raphael show years ago with a NAMBLA person..... He influenced my life tremendously. NAMBLA made a lot of mistakes, but they supported BL's almost before there was anything else. Tom O' Carroll, PIE fame, is also one of my heroes. His book, Paedophilia - The Radical Case, certainly opened my eyes up to a lot of things, just as my travels to SE Asia did.
I ultimatley want to undermine the labels "child" and "adult" so that people will evenutally see a relationship between a 9 and a 29 year old with at least the same lack of concern as a relationship betwen a 39 and a 69 year old.
Michael Melsheimer:
I think that you are right. We do have to go slow and not take on a radical agenda. We could all learn well by what happened to NAMBLA.

As it relates to building bridges, you are right again. There is nothing more important for our community to do. It is the only way we are ever going to be able to get any possible acceptance in the larger community for who we are as human being and what we feel is right for children
Michael Melsheimer:
My organization is not going to say to offend.

I am a BL without regret and will always be a BL without regret. My life as a bl has been terrific. No one could ever make me say otherwise. This is even considering that I spent time in prison.

Our line in the sand has historically defeated us. We need to think about a new one.
Michael Melsheimer:
We need to come together as a community. But there is another choir we need to preach to. That choir is the larger community, and it can help make all our dreams come true. Our problem is that they aren't singing our song . The major job in front of us is to get them to sing it.

We have to be very careful at first as to what we say and do, so we can say do and say more down the road. We need to build bridges and coalitions. This means that we might have to cool it for the moment. Please note that I said for the moment.
Will Robinson:
I am continually amazed at the political skills (evasiveness?) of this B4U-Act organization.

Michael Melsheimer has my vote as one of the smoothest operators I've ever beheld.

Is he a great leader or the new "Tricky Dick" of pedo-politics?
Richard Kramer:
As you may know, B4U-Act is promoting communication between minor-attracted people and mental health professionals. The purpose of these services is NOT to "cure" us of our attraction to minors--we do NOT believe we are sick.
It comes as no surprise to us at Absolute Zero that this was B4U-Act's goal, we've been saying this all along, yet Alex Marbury, the coordinator behind the "Reform Sex Offender Laws" campaign, embraces B4U-Act and even describes pedophilia as an "important discussion" to educate activists on the benevolence of pedophiles.

This is a campaign being supported by sex offenders activists claiming to be "reformed." Groups like SOSEN and individuals like Mary Duval. msdxe3ct78
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