Rot In Hell, Fat Baby Fucker!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

It seems a black flag is flying over at boychat.

AW, someone DIED?

Boo hoo, a child rapist died??

If there's a hell, I hope that Ghost Writer, the serial child molester, burns in it forever. He was a disgusting piece of shit who had many victims over the years, victims who have to live in their own private hell for the rest of their lives. The world was a much safer place when he was thrown in jail in Mexico, and now, it is a much BETTER place.

Fitting that the rapists on boychat call him family. They are all just alike, and I hope they all meet the same end: dead in jail.

Rot forever, Robert Vann Smith. No one will miss you except the criminals on pedophile websites. I, however, will have a nice rum daquiri for the occasion. :)

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