'Slip a little powder in his milk'

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Michael John Morrow A.K.A. Michael1016 A.K.A. Michael814 of Grand Junction, Colorado, used to post on many pedophile message boards, from places like BoyBliss and BoyMoment through to GirlChat and more. Morrow used to post about all sorts of things, let's take a look, shall we?

"He is beautiful, 13, sort of small for his age. He showed up at basketball practice in VERY TIGHT (mmmmm) speedos and a sleveless shirt. The speedos I took notice of for obvious reasons...and then, when he removed his sweat suit top, I was mezmerized. His arm pits had just enough hair to set me off (I won't be specific what that means), and I had to challenge him to a one v. one game until the other guys showed up. I got close enough to smell him, and it was even more beautiful that I could imagine."

"Sadly, my favorite boy, a gorgeous 13 year old, moved aobut a month ago, but before that he gave me many pleasureable times."

You see, aside from being a pervert, Morrow (like other pedophiles we know), volunteered as a 'mentor' in an organization set up to help boys "develop a positive self image, a sense of belonging and an acceptance of responsibility for their actions." Hardly the message a scumbag like Morrow would send to child as a mentor, or as a teacher:
I teach a weekly class to middle school kids (ages 12-14) and one another class to the same age group.
Morrow was a pedophile by his own admission:
Word pedophile does not faze me, might as well face up to it, actually.
Thanks to the Wikisposure project, that wasn't the only thing Morrow had to face up to. After Wikisposure volunteers collaborated with Law Enforcement, Morrow was arrested and convicted of possesing 13,000 child pornography photos. He's been sentenced to 84 months (seven years) in prison, but if you ask me, he got off far too lightly.

In the following chat log, he describes an experience he claims to have had with a 5-year old boy which he claims to have abducted while the boy was at school:

WARNING: This may contain triggers
Michael says (4:19 PM): this happened years ago
Michael says (4:19 PM): i was on a trip to idaho
Michael says (4:20 PM): i had cruised this school for two days...i was going to leave the enxt day and i figured, what the heck
Michael says (4:20 PM): i had my popper.s i have a rathter innocent looking car. and i knew that i could pick up this little boy
Michael says (4:20 PM): i had seen h im, looked at his body language
Michael says (4:21 PM): my divorce allowed me to be me
Michael says (4:21 PM): and i wanted this
Michael says (4:21 PM):if he had resisted much, i would not have done it
Michael says (4:23 PM): im safe. it was just a 30 minute thing. and i was headed out of town anyway. i took the boy back to the school
Michael says (4:23 PM): im not sure he told anyone. he may have
Michael says (4:23 PM): it's really he only time ive done anything quite that brazen
This next section of the chat log was said before the one above, but describes the same incident:
Michael says (4:01 PM): he is starting to cry, but i dont care
Michael says (4:01 PM): ive noticed him for weeks
Michael says (4:02 PM): i drive by the school almost every day and JO while i cruise it
Michael says (4:02 PM): he is the one i want...i want to suck him, and fuck him deep
Michael says (4:05 PM): i give him some ice cream
Michael says (4:05 PM): and slip a little powder in his milk
Michael says (4:05 PM): i want him relaxed
So "consensual" and "loving," but we already knew these people were like that. They use children to satisfy themselves. Morrow was never charged nor convicted for this crime, his victim is still out there.

As a final thought, Morrow once commented:
A support group for other boylovers (pedophiles) is very important, and I'm glad having been a part of several.
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