The devil will look in my eyes...and be afraid

Monday, August 03, 2009

The Sydney Morning Herald, February the 22nd, 2008:

Queensland's top prosecutor has failed to obtain a criminal conviction against a medical student who offered to give an 11-year-old boy a "penis massage".

Pakistani student Shakeel Mirza, 26, was sentenced to 12 months probation in October last year after pleading guilty to one count of attempted indecent treatment of a child under 12.

A conviction was not recorded after the judge accepted it was a low-level sexual offence and that it was out of character.

I wonder whether the judge would have thought Shakeel's offense was 'out of character' had he known that Shakeel had been posting on BoyChat for years under the screen name 'Greencrystal.' Postings like this...
Sometimes I think I am worse off for having come to BC-being here has made me into a bigger pedophile than what I ever was originally. its like smoking occasionally by myself, and then joinging a group of smokers, and thus becoming hooked on smoking. are far more honourable than me. Waay more. YOu see, if I were a counselor at camp, I would not do what you did..however, i would blatantly try to make friends with some of those boys for my own gain.
Yes, women want it all. Power in bed, power over boys, power over their lives, and to hell with men-

thats an exaggeration, but still.

and then women have the GALL to complain when they get raped.

hell, they deserve it.

After pleading guilty, the judge sentenced Shakeel to 12 months probation and ordered that no conviction be recorded so as not to 'hinder his future employment prospects.' This slap on the wrist did nothing to deter Shakeel, who continues to this day, three years after his original offense, to post on pedophile message boards about his lust for children.
I love boys. Its that simple. Sorry to the world, but hey, the world can go fuck itself- I love boys. i cant help it. I dont think there's a cure of it either.
We are all boylovers.

we are all child molesters.

the difference is simply how we feel on that particular day at that particular time in that particular circumstance..its just one SPECTRUM. And we, as human beings, simply "float" along the spectrum..sometimes we are more BL, other times more Child moester.

I went to see a movie today...schools out, plenty of kids around. I went to take a pee..a 12/13 year old walked in...turned his back to me and faced the urinal..I looked at his neck. succulent, soft...I love hairs on the nape of the neck. I wanted him. I wanted almost every boy I saw today.

And I'm angry. I'm hurt inside. I wanted to grab him, hold him, lick his neck, make him my hands through his hair, brush my fingers against his soft lips... I WANTED HIM!!!!!!

What the FUCK is wrong with me?

Like Michael Morrow, Phillip Distasio and Roger Keith Bloemers, Shakeel Mirza used a volunteer organization for disadvantaged children as an avenue to gain access to boys. This is where he came into contact with a child he later attempted to molest. Shakeel participated in a therapy program, but a lot of good that did him, he wrote this on BoyChat a week or two ago:

“Everyone time he came in to wake me up he’d either be sucking on my penis or masturbating me, and if I said anything he’d hit me,” said former home resident Brian Wilkinson.

Servers you right you fucker.
Burn. Let the whole bunch of cunts, fuckers, assholes and whatnot pedo bashers fucking burn.

I KNEW someone out there was taking my quota of sex. Now I know where it went *jealous*
And you think that's bad? To give you some idea of how sick Shakeel really is, he once wrote this on BoyChat:
What am I? Whatever it is, it is surely worse than death..but death is not a bad can be made sweet..the high pitched cries of a tortured child, the agnosied screams as i bite.. mayhaps the devil will look in my eyes..and he will be afraid.. God, you created me. YOu gave me this. I never wanted it, I NEVER ASKED FOR THIS FUCKING TORTURE!! Now You see what i do..see how I live. "You may not love God, but God still loves you" yeah fuck me. Would You feel good if I raped and hurt and killed children?? huh? WOULD YOU FEEL LIKE I HAVE FINALLY SERVED MY PURPOSE IN LIFE?? Thanks a fucking lot for giving this fucking hell to me!! I'm such a bastard..someone should shoot me. IF they can.. You God..grant me peace. amen. Greencrystal
This man belongs somewhere he can never touch another child, someone so bent on justifying pedophilia and sickness is beyond any help available, but instead the Australian judge which sentenced him to probation was more worried about affecting his 'future career prospects.'
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