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Sunday, September 06, 2009

I have addressed this issue before but this post from girlchat has brought up the importance of good judgment when bringing men into your life when you have children.

Help, how do I express my love 2 my LGF? Come out?

Posted by azure on Sunday, September 6 2009 at 07:02:48pm

...or, 'How do I develop our relationship?'

Hi gang, I'm struggling here and in love. Same thing.

You might remember my BLB I've spoken of before, such as at http://www.annabelleigh.net/messages/476665.htm

To sum up, she's 10yo, and I get to hang out a lot with her as I'm in an adult relationship with another member of her family. She regularly tells me 'I wish you were my Dad', or likens me to a brother, and also a friend. She adores me, and I spend the whole day there being hugged and kissed.

It gets worse. Not only does this child hater/luster think its OK to fall in love with a 10yr old little girl but he thinks she is plotting their future:

It's come to the stage where I actually feel more love/lust or that 'new love' hormone rushing through me, for this LG, than I do for the person in her family to who I am 'really' involved with. The LG knows this, and has at times said to me, "I've already got a boyfriend", or, "you can't marry me you're going to marry her"! Along with the inevitable, 'you're too old!', comments...

But at times she regularly asks me to remind me how old I am (not that old!), or asks how long I'll live, or how old I'll be when she's 13 - like she has a plan for us, and is just working out if it'll work.

This is how the pedophile mind works. They twist a child's' innocence into something dirty and sexual with intentions of ruining that child's' innocence they delve into irrational thinking trying to reason away that underlying knowledge of "this is wrong".
Being a pedophile and lusting after children is something they know is wrong yet choose to keep on that road of child hate/lust.

So now he wants to tell this 10 yr old child that he loves her... like love like love you know lust.

So I just want/need advice on how to get these feelings out in the open:

Should I tell her how I feel for her, compared to my 'girlfriend'?
Should I say I love her more, and only stay with my 'girlfriend' as it allows me to see her?
Should I tell her if I left my gf, I'd never see her again?
Should I tell her how I hope in years to come we can be together properly?
Should I say anything else to develop our relationship?

I've only thought of saying the above, having first told her that what I am about to say is one of our secrets, and that she could never tell anyone, or even write it in a diary (!), even if that person promised not to tell. Only once I was sure she knew this was our true treasure chest of a secret (she likes that idea I think), would I go on.

But I am fearful, as at times when I have started to say something a little serious, she can revert to playing a 3yo and get all babyish. I know she has the potential to understand this 100%, but she's still on the brink.

So he is grooming her, its evident he is testing to see what she will do and how far she will go. A sensible adult would see this happening, but sadly, there are too many blind women willing to accept any man into their life.

And their children pay.

Plus I am concerned she is holding back from expressing too many feelings for me, because she knows I'm supposed to be in love with the other family member. In a way she doesn't want to invade that or tread on any toes. Yet at the same time, when we've had an argument (me and my GF), my LGF has said, "please don't split up"... I suspect because she knows if we did split up, I'd never she her again either.

I hope you can help me take the right path, as some of you no doubt have past experience of this all already under your belts.

Of course he has no doubts. He is at a pedophile message board.

And more children pay.
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