Rounding up Sex Offenders

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


We've got another Urgent Call to Safeguard Children from Reform Sex Offender Laws Campaign - better listen up and pay attention.

Act now!

You need to use situations as they occur, anything to make an argument appear more relevant. Yes please everyone, exploit Jaycee Dugard some more - one sex offender wasn't enough for a life time - you need to FLOOD THE INTERNET

So speaks the RSOL, Reform Sex Offender Laws Campaign. Heck they even tell you what to say


The way we respond is to remove hundreds of thousands from the registry so the few who have been certified as truly dangerous by qualified professionals can be detained and treated until found no longer dangerous. Essentially, this would be to adopt the Canadian system, rather than the U.S. registry which destroys the lives of hundreds of thousands of non-dangerous people and their families, yet protects NO-ONE from real dangers. Alex Marbury and Kelly Piercy.
I'm just not understanding that. They want to round up sex offenders, detain and treat them until they are no longer "truly" dangerous? That just doesn't sound like them at all. Didn't they say
  • Abolish all life-time civil commitment for sex offenders
  • Abolish all laws that provide life in prison for sex offenders.
They lied!!!!! Now they want to round them up and "detain" them!!

The truth is that they'll say anything they think might convince people that they are something they aren't. They're all living - breathing contradictions. Their claim that the sex offender registry is what allowed Garrido to get by with holding Jaycee captive for 18 years. I'm sure you've heard the mantra
The truly dangerous are hiding in the registry
Of course that's not true. They aren't "hiding" they're right there where we can see them among all the other dangerous people who have created victims. Nor did GPS fail in this situation. The problem was Garrido wasn't wearing it in 1991. If he had been Jaycee would have been rescued immediately. There are over 22,000 registered sex offenders in California who are NOT on the public registry, because they are deemed low risk. There are less than 7,000 offenders in California wearing GPS monitoring. Some dumb ducks have taken that to mean that there are only 7,000 deemed dangerous in California. The truth is California uses GPS on offenders who are on parole. The cost is $6 a day versus $96 a day to keep them in prison. Parole allows an offender to complete his sentence outside of prison. Why would registered sex offenders complain about them having to wear GPS rather than spend their entire sentence in prison, and most of all why would they complain that GPS didn't help rescue Jaycee when he was not wearing it when he abducted her? The answer to all of this is that these people, these blame gaming fools thought they had an opportunity to exploit someone for their own gain. They chose the wrong story, again. And they chose the wrong state.

The mistakes made in this case are obvious: A judge who believed Garrido when he said he only raped because of the influence of drugs, so he gets his sentence reduced so he can gain access to drugs and victims again. Law enforcement who made the mistake of thinking since Garrido was in compliance that meant he was reformed. They took the deviousness and manipulative skills of a rapist for granted.

Sosen states that their goals are to abolish PUBLIC registration for sex offenders, and ALL registration for first time offenders. "All" meaning no law enforcement registration either. Interestingly enough Garrido was a first time offender..... you know the ones that keep offending but have only been caught once? I wonder if they'll rethink their idiotic ramblings? How about this one?
Long mandatory minimum sentences can have a number of negative consequences that serve to decrease, rather than increase, public safety.
I'm sure a lot of people would agree with the Sosenites on that one. Not allowing judges to be influenced and manipulated by rapists is dangerous you know. Long prison sentences make society more dangerous. We're much safer with them out of prison, without any community notification or restrictions.

It's all so simple I don't know why we didn't think of it ourselves.

Take a look at John Couey for example. For some reason Mary wouldn't mind him being on a registry. Of course she says that now - looking back with hindsight. The truth of the matter is, had Couey joined Sosen before he killed Jessica Lunsford Mary would have welcomed him with open arms and fought to get him off the registry just like she fought to get Garrido and the other 700,000 registered sex offenders she claims to represent off the registry.

Mary claims "prevention" is better. And of course monitoring sex offenders isn't prevention. No, Mary has given us very good tips for "prevention", so far her ideas include
  • Teach kids to Just Say No to child sexual abuse
  • Put labels on cell phones warning people they can be on a registry if they produce child pornography with it
Mary isn't interested in preventing sexual abuse. She's interested in preventing the prosecution of sex offenders.

Who is feeding this mentality? Let's see what pedophile activists have to say:
As already mentioned, there exist a number of well-regarded political movements that we can discreetly influence. Although they do not openly admit it, our influence will be vital to their long-term survival and development. And with power and connections of the kind we have not seen for decades, these groups are offering us a free ride, with minimal concessions in the long-run.

Central to the RSO movement are the families of Registered Sex Offenders, often cited as the unintended victims. However much some may dislike the nuclear family, no one is likely to lose an argument if their point of view serves its integrity.
Richard Kramer - self-identified pedophile and co-founder of B4U-Act, owner of MHAMic, and member of RSOL and BoyChat responds:
The fundamental issue we need to address is the defense of our humanity. We need to confront the stigmatization, demonization, and stereotyping that exists due simply to our attraction to children or adolescents, regardless of our behavior. To do this, we need to be honest about our sexuality. That's why I'm involved with B4U-ACT, and why, unfortunately, the "well-regarded political movements" listed in your editorial won't quite cut it, even though I agree with their goals. For example, the most successful RSO activist group, (RSOL), is opposed to the demonization and stereotyping of all groups, including pedophiles.

However, not everybody working for RSOL understands that, and a BL or GL working with RSOL would not be able to be honest about his sexuality.

Perhaps some Denial Therapy is in order
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