Who is listening and what are they hearing?

Monday, October 05, 2009

Who is listening and what are they hearing?

For the most part, our most effective listeners are our most entrenched opponents; Absolute Zero, Perverted Justice, and the rest. What are they hearing? Mostly that we cannot seem to form a united front and we do well enough at arguing with ourselves, thank you very much.

So, who is listening? It would seem very few, and what is being heard is not what is being said.
Said Kelly Piercy of Reform Sex Offender Laws Campaign - RSOL

Let's break it to Kelly gently. We understand the RSOL on a much deeper level than the majority of RSOL supporters are even capable of. It has little to do with the fact that we laugh at you all running around like headless chickens or the wild hysterical knock-down drag-out fights you're all famous for. That's just a stress buster much like Static's Auto-abuse analogy. It has everything to do with the ultimate goal of your "organization".

Nigel Oldfield aka Agony Uncle, the supporter of sadistic child pornography left an interesting comment here recently. He said that the Black Panthers were to Civil Rights for African Americans what Nambla was to Sex Offender Advocates. I thought that especially strange considering the way sex offenders react at the mention of pedophiles. If one didn't know better you'd swear they didn't know they were working on behalf of pederasts. Why, just a few short weeks ago Mary Duval said we should get the "non-dangerous" sex offenders off the registry so we could "waste money" watching the truly dangerous ones - the real pedophiles.

Sosen and the RSOL are ONLY interested in the abolition of the registry and sex offender laws. Every single thing they say is directed toward that goal. Whether it's blaming victims or blaming parents for being neglectful or blaming parents for being too protective or blaming the media or simply creating twisted, distorted concoctions of pedocrap while claiming their goal is "No More Victims" and accusing everyone of being ignorant. They failed miserably at grasping this very simple concept: we understand completely the rhetoric and propaganda they're using. Where did they think it came from?

We'll go into the techniques and how they are applied soon but for now I'm going to provide a nice little snapshot of what people see when the Minute Men arrive. From a news story about the death of John Couey everyone basically had the same reaction - his death was a good thing wasn't it? Who could feel sorrow for that man? They left touching words and healing words but they also expressed their anger and rage at what that man did to that little girl and in the midst of this, in rode the Sosenites. I'm sure you could guess which statements belong to them. Here are some of the comments in the immediate hours after the news of Couey's death. They ranged from a call for prevention:
  • The best way to honor Jessica is to create laws and ENFORCE them so that these sickos can't get near children. One and Done! You molest, rape, assault a child--you never see the light of day again-PERIOD.
To expressions of relief:
  • God bless Jessica's family. We will always remember Jessica. Because of your advocacy many children will have the protection that Jessica deserved.
  • He's finally dead. That's really all that matters, he can quit sucking the tax payer's money. He needed to die years ago.
  • We don't hate him, we are just happy he died.
  • Hopefully he'll spend every moment of hell being buried alive over and over and over again
  • Tell us where he's buried so we can all go piss on his grave.
  • Can they cut off his head just to make sure he is really dead? I don't want him making any kind of recovery.
  • It's too bad they couldn't have buried him a few days ago so he could see what it feels like
  • I hope this is a hoax and they are planning to bury the guy alive.
  • Piece of crap should have died hanging from a noose after having his dingy chopped with a rusty axe
  • I can only hope that, being a father himself, God kicks John Couey's butt from one end of Heaven to the other, just before he kicks him out to hell.
  • No one has claimed the body? Can we have it?? We won't do anything to it. Really!
  • We ought to be able to bid on his body and then do whatever we want with it..we could burn him on the SR 60 causeway and charge admission to come see him burn.
  • Let's bid on the body and donate the funds to having those laws passed to put the John Couey's away for life.
  • If anyone wins an auction to claim his body, post it on here, I will be happy to donate to the cause.
  • Good riddance to the piece of crap. The only bad thing is that the media will be all over her attention-hungry "father" again...Perhaps now his fifteen minutes are finally used up.
  • Maybe if mark had been home that infamous night, instead of spending the night with a woman elsewhere .. his daughter might be alive ...So Yes, Hell on earth does exist if he has any shame at al
  • I don't think there is a single responsible parent on here that would disagree with the fact that he is a weed head who does not look after his children in the responsible manner that is required
  • I knew Mark's face would show up....where was he when his little baby was being tortured????
  • i hope he thinks every day why didnt he stay home to protect his daughter from couey if he would have she would be here today but know he had to go out and party it up mark i hope this rides your memory the rest of your life what if i would have been a better father and stay home and be a dad like most dads should its no ones fault but your own now you live with this
Yes Kelly, we're listening but the thing is that you're wrong about it only being us that hears what you're saying. I can guarantee you 100% that "flooding the internet" isn't going to help you especially considering the quality of "flooders" you've got and the contamination of the water you're using. Of course, you're one of them too - the Blame Gamers. How could you possibly have any insight into this behavior? Why just the other day Kelly said:
This is insane!
Where was the mother of that 13 year old girl when Mr.Polanski was photographing her?
Another case of motherly neglect as with Adam Walsh!
Or HEY how about the bashing of Ron Book's daughter? See here's the thing, they didn't just bash her. They mocked her abuse. So here's a little hint for Kelly and the gang - it's actually another 100% guarantee: No one will ever see you as anything but an animal if you don't have the common sense and decency to know without being told that this is offensive and objectionable. Not only that, every time you people say these things you identify yourself as a high-risk sex offender. Nobody else could possibly think to say these things. Things like:
Lauren Books appears to be double talking and already starting her career in being yet another annoying politician. Good job making your sad past into 5 minutes of fame.
Maybe if daddy wasn't working those long hours in Tallahassee his daughter wouldn't have been getting pooped on by the nanny. Lauren is decent looking so the images of lesbian sex are kinda awesome, especially because it involved Cleveland Steamers and probably a Dirty Sanchez.
it's up to the parents to help their children, not the state....Don't put your career and business ahead of your child and this never would have happened, but they can't accept that and blame the state for not protecting their child...sad:(

Lauren, honey - I'm sorry for what happened to you as a child, but now you're being abused by your father who puts you in the position of being a poster child for his own demented witch hunt/ego trip.
This story should be about the horrific negligence by this young woman's parents, and how her therapy is about her hatred of them. Talk about multilayered and multigenerational sensationalism toward mining for a story.....sheesh. Putting this financially priviledged little twit in charge of anything related to emotional healing without holding her parents accountable is the biggest deceit of all.
Lauren, you should hire a lawyer and sue your parents. Ron Book and his wife are the criminals here, and they know it. They neglected you and hired a Nanny that abused you, and they either didn't care or they turned their heads away.
Now I understand what happened here. Lauren is a double victim: is the victim of a non-convicted-then sexual predator who could live anywhere she wanted and do anything she wanted, and Lauren was also victim of her parents totally irresponsible lack of supervision.
All I gained from this article and accompanying video is that Lauren was molested and pooped on, her dad cries and blames himself for what happened, and Lauren says "ummm" a lot and rants without any reason or suggested solution to the problem.
What the Books should've done is focus on creating programs or access to public child care programs so that parents don't have to entrust their child's well-being to an adult behind closed doors.
Ha. A typical 'rich and powerful' family. The parents hire a Nanny since they have so little interest in their children. They didn't even have time to spend with their kids. Soo little that they didn't even recognize FOR SIX YEARS that something might be happening to their daughter. WOW!
Lobbyist are the drug dealers and pushers for big corporations, just like in the drug world, you have your cartel leaders that grow and export and they use their pushers and dealers at the bottom to get the drug to where they want it and make the money for them. Sorry Lauren but your a joke now.
Just think, I've ran out of room and can't show you the John Walsh attack. Guess what Kelly Piercy, Sosen and the RSOL? Everyone heard you. You came through loud and clear. What's so scary is that you don't realize it. You don't realize it because you people have surrounded yourselves with others who are just like you. They talk like you and they think like you, they're obnoxious like you and just like you they are successfully sealing your fate.

Once upon a time one of the original demented blame gamers did manage to offend even the Sosenites who hadn't yet perfected "the mantras". Let's take a look, see if it seems familiar.

Shirley Lowery is who I speak of. She said Jesus was a pedophile. She said Jessica Lunsford killed herself in a suicide pact with John Couey. She said... well take a look.
I believe that Mark Lunsford killed this child and Couey watched him bury her. Then Lunsford reported her missing, took the time to delete the child porn from his computer and then joined the search.
To which Lee Lee Lawless replied:
Oh, Shirley, I don't know about this. Any defense of Couey replaced with an attack on the "grieving" father is not a good direction. Maybe a private discussion, but not a letter to Geraldo. I think this would be used against us in a heartbeat to demonstrate that "all SO's stand up for each other no matter what they have done"
Did that stop her? Of course not. But that was years ago and this is now. Her response to Couey's death is far and away the most offensive garbage I've ever read. What do you - Kelly Piercy think about what Shirley said?
when did her have sex with her? I don't know but he must have viewed her as an angel. Nobody had ever wanted him. Here was this beautiful young woman that did not appear to be a virgin. She smiled up at him and said she thought she was having her period. According to the coroner he must have been a gentle lover for there was no bruising or spots around her mouth, in her anal area or anywhere else on her body
Or what do you think of Danny Price's response to Shirley:
As with sex offenders, and this is only my own opinion, deviant sexual behavior is a by product of bad parenting, lack of parenting, abuse and neglect or a combinations of different things.

With any of the problems our society faces. All they do is put a bandaid on the problem by not going to the source. The parents.
Wow! Think about that for a moment. Not only have blame gamers blamed the victim and the victims parents but this sex offender is blaming the offenders parents.

Why didn't the Anti's think of that before? There's no need to "blame the offender", there's a parent out there somewhere who has to be responsible - there simply must be.
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