Necrophilia Obsessed Borderline Sociopath

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

We previously talked about Jennifer aka Jack Kaiser aka Lyrical Cancer here

I do admit to having some serious issues with this person. First it was his defense of Jizzony and his incessant harassment of me on YouTube that first set me off. Then he stole all the videos of him that I had worked so hard to steal - by claiming copyright to his child luring videos. Ballsy! But mainly it was just about his pedophilia and attempts to gain access to children.

When he was confronted about his pedo-activities he denied being pedo, can you believe that? I've always wondered why they defend their perversions so fiercely in pedo-places and deny it so strongly in others. Especially when we consider that Jack tried desperately to get attention while describing himself as "borderline sociopath" with an "obsession with necro" - frankly I expected a little more gratitude.

When Jack was arrested recently while trying to enroll in a school as a 15 year old boy I couldn't help but be reminded of Neil Havens Rodreick II - a 30 year old convicted sex offender who enrolled in an Arizona school as a 12 year old and was assisted by family members who pretended to be his father, uncle and grandfather.

There are people who are trying to make this into a "transgender" issue due to the fact that Jack was born female. But the truth of the matter is that Jack has been trying to pass himself off as a young boy for years while running pedophile websites and grooming children. Jack didn't pretend to be a kid in order to "get an education" as some have proposed. See these video clips to see Jack in action and I think there won't be any question about why Jack was trying to enroll in school as a child. From Wikisposure:
What makes the pedophile “Jack” particularly sinister and disturbing is his continued persistence to lure underage boys into a world of dangerous Sex Offenders, Child Pornographers and Pedophile activists with the ruse of being “Lyrical Cancer” (a 14 year old boy), despite continued warnings he has received from the police.

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