An Evening Walk

Saturday, August 01, 2009

GirlChat pervert, 'JustAnotherGL' was deciding whether or not to go for an evening stroll:
I was on the fence about taking a walk this evening, but as I sit here an hour or so later typing this piece, I sure am glad that I decided to make the trek! :)
He mentions a girl he'd spoken too while he was out walking:
There is an adolescent girl in my area that I have spoken with on brief occasions over the past year or so. She has a very outgoing, aggressive (but in a friendly/positive way) personality. She also possesses the most beautiful eyes you have ever seen and is petite but athletically built. As we only live 4 blocks apart (and we shop at the same store and go to the same pizza parlor), we see each other on an almost daily basis during the warmer months. As I passed her block today, she and her friend crossed the street to say hi to me and chat a bit. We talked for a bit while she played with her silky long hair. The sun was almost completely down and the streets were deserted. We walked and talked about neighbors, music and cars for perhaps 10 minutes before parting ways with smiles and waves.
And he mocks anyone that would be concerned by his behavior:
At this point, I can just imagine the anti's reading this and screaming, "Oh my God, those children were in imminent DANGER!! That pervert could have done ANYTHING to them!!" Of course, the reality is that they were safer with me at their side than they would be on a dark street alone, but more to the point, they were both very relaxed, friendly and talkative. There was none of the 'fear', 'coercion' or 'luring' nonsense bandied about by soccer moms and online 'watch dog' pricks.
I'll get to this part in a bit, but he finishes up his post with:
I've said this before, but it bears repeating: Even when it is only a 10 minute, impromptu small talk session, a completely platonic 'date' such as this with a talkative and lovely young lass is at LEAST as good as having actual sex with a 'real' woman. (Mind you, I enjoy sex with legal aged females, but I'm sure any of you guys who have had both types of experiences know what I mean! :))
He posts all of this on GirlChat - describing how he found the girl sexually attractive and how the experience was "at least" as exciting as having sex with an adult. While in the middle there somewhere, he mocks how anyone would interpret his behavior as threatening; yet the fact remains - when 'JustAnotherGL' was talking to that girl, he wasn't enjoying it because he was interested in what she had to say, or because of the company, he was enjoying it because he found it sexually exciting to be talking to someone in his "AoA" (Age of Attraction).

Whether he thinks of it as grooming or not, that's what he was doing and that's why "an hour or so later" he's online, bragging about it to his fellow perverts at GirlChat.
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