Playing Hard to Get

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pedophiles equate their sexual attraction to children to being the same as an intimate relationship between two consenting adults. Below are some excerpts from a post made by 'Azure' of GirlChat, titled "One can fall as deeply for a LG as an adult woman?" It's hard to imagine how these thoughts could go through anyone's head when they're around a child, but people who post at GirlChat are not just 'anyone:'
I have seen some others of us mention 'falling in love' with their LGF or BLB (best little buddy - my new term I picked up here!), but I had - until now - dismissed this as just a flight of fancy, turn of phrase, or slight exaggeration.

Not - any - more!
Look at the way he describes his interactions with the child:
Now I've learned to 'play hard to get' things are so much better. I used to be the one that would offer or ask for cuddles, and when I did so she would shy away.
He gets to the crux of his post with:
Then the moment when I realised I felt love for her - true love - and I only realised because my heart broke. You'll excuse me again for not mentioning detail, but I told her something honest that in turn upset her. Before I realised what I'd said, tears were in her eyes and trickling down her cheeks like diamonds. She didn't talk to me again for 2 hours, and during those 2 long hours, as my heart continued to break, I realised that if she was making it shatter in the same way adult women have done, by 'breaking up with me' in this way, albeit as a little friend, then in order to break, it must've been held by her to start with. The emotion and sadness was *exactly* that which I have felt when heartbroken at the hands of an adult woman.
They ignore any distinctions between adults and children, projecting their fantasies onto children. In reality, "Playing hard to get" means nothing to a child whose just playing, she has no idea of how sick and disgusting a person 'Azure' is, or the twisted thoughts going through his head. Yet, he deliberately chooses to ignore reality and instead tries to convince himself that there's something more to her behavior, telling himself he's fallen "in love" with her.

Love has nothing to do with it, he's grooming her, and his posting on GirlChat is all part of rationalizing his behavior.
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