A GirlChatters Guide: 'How to Insult your Ex and put Yourself Behind Bars'

Monday, August 24, 2009

'Sancho Panza' posted about this news article: "Man who raped stepdaughter has appeal dismissed," which described a man who was sexually abusing his girlfriends daughter:
"A MAN who recommended his partner seek oral sex advice from his stepdaughter because she was "good at it" has had his appeal against his rape conviction dismissed."
'Panza' comments:
This part struck me as hilarious: how to insult your soon to be ex and put yourself behind bars for a long time.
"Hilarious" he says, talking about a 14 year-old girl being sexually exploited. No matter how hard the perverts try to disguise just how little they really think of children, they can never maintain their "childlove" facade. Their ugliness and true intentions always shine through.

"Lgsinmyheart" is quick to jump to the defense of his pedo brethren:
I dunno, but it does sound a lot more like a typical at-family insult taken too literally.


But of course, with enough pressure, you can extract all kinds of lies from anyone and everyone. And it's even legal!!!
I wonder whether he thinks the part in the article about the childs mother witnessing the man raping her daughter was being taken "too literally" too?

In Justice Philip McMurdo's Court of Appeal judgment, he said the young girl's mother first found her husband raping his stepdaughter after drinking "a carton of beer".

"The complainant was on her back with her hands above her head. The appellant's hands were around her wrists. They were both under the doona," he said.

The judgment said the mother chased the husband out of the house with a carving knife, before going back to console her daughter.

The husband then came back the next night and offered the mother $250,000 to "just pack the kids and go", and also declaring that he "loved" the stepdaughter.

When the mother refused the payment, she received about 50 phone calls from her husband, including 27 voicemails, some of which were offensive.

"Ask your daughter how to do a decent head job. She's good at it," the husband said to the mother in a phone call.

'Panza' wasn't the only GirlChatter which found humor in what happened to the 14 year-old girl:

lol.. he opened his mouth first. Well, technically third.
Joey Bishop
Well, if you are going to go to jail for saying something, it might as well be this, I guess. :)
Pedophiles will use any angle they can to gain access to children. As in this case, pedophiles see single parents as an opportunity to gain unsupervised trust and a position to intimidate the child into silence. The comments above reflect their attitude towards both the child and parent which they exploit.
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