Boymoments Jizzony Arrested!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

A big HT goes out to Perverted-Justice Wikisposure team, coincidentally Jizzony's arrest comes just one day before the anniversary of (Happy Anniversary Wikisposure!):

Jizzony is the screen name of Jonathan Johnson, a 31 year old bi-sexual pedophile from Nebraska, and a regular poster on the very graphic pedophile forum, BoyMoment. He is a very dangerous pedophile because not only has he worked as a DJ at a Skating Rink where he had access to young children daily, he also has many young boys who stay overnight and sleep in the same bed with him on a regular basis. He admits to showing his "Young Friends" the pedophile posts on the BoyMoment forums, which include graphic discussions such as "Little Boys Cum", "Little Boys Butts", "When is the last time you saw a Boy naked?", along with graphic photographs of young boys in various stages of undress.

In Response to the question "has anyone ever had an orgasm while a toddler was wiggling around on your lap?"
Hmmm maybe a lot of pre-cum once or twice, one YF felt me get hard, knew what it was and wiggled even more.

God I love it when they know what's going on, they know they cuased it and they tease you even more.

To read more visit Wikisposure
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