Tuesday, February 06, 2007 has a book for sale called "Viamund the Boylove Vampyre Says...: Poetry & Haiku's by Octaevius Altair". This book is written by an admitted pedophile and child molester (Viamund the rake), and contains pictures and writings about an 11 year old boy who has sex is raped by "Viamund" - who is admittedly 37 years old in real life.

This book promotes child sex/rape and pedophilia, and it is written by an admitted child molester. refuses to remove it from it's web site. The excuse they use? " believes it is censorship not to display certain articles because we believe their message is objectionable."

Written advocacy of child/adult sex is illegal in Canada, Australia and some parts of Europe. Creation, distribution and possession are all federal crimes in these countries. I sure hope doesn't sell this book to any customers in these countries.

Several online book sellers have had this book listed. After being contacted about this book they have all removed it or are refusing to stock the book. These sellers are:

  • Target
  • Barnes and Noble
  • TextbookX
  • Books-A-Million

Why does Amazon refuse to remove this book?

When I emailed Amazon and asked to have my account closed, they responded by saying, "Your loyalty to our company for the past is greatly appreciated, and this loyalty is one of the reasons I am attempting to correct an honest misunderstanding. Although I understand that you requested your account be closed, I sincerely hope that my efforts to correct this misunderstanding have been satisfactory. However, if you still wish to close your account, please visit the following link to submit your request..."

Hmmm, I guess they thought it was a misunderstanding when I told them, "You have refused numerous email requests to remove this book. Your responses disgust me."

And I don't see how they could "misunderstand" me when I wrote, "Not only am I cancelling my membership, but I will also make sure that everyone I know is informed of your inexcusable behavior. So you will be receiving many more requests for cancellations in the near future. I expect a response to this confirming my cancellation.

I won't say thank you, so instead I'll end by saying good riddance."

I made sure that they didn't "misunderstand" me when I had to request my account to be closed a second time. What do you think, is this clear enough? ...

"I will NEVER open another account with you again. I find your policies disgusting and your reasons for them pathetic and vile. I am beginning to wonder if you have a pedophile running this organization. Do you realize that you are the only company IN THE ENTIRE WORLD that I know of that even sells this book?!"

And just who did publish this book anyway? Well, it was BookSurge.

And what types of authors and books are typically published? Well, here's a description..

"the primary driving force of BookSurge is our customers. In every interaction, we strive to exceed expectations, listen and respond with a caring staff, thorough information, relevant products and quality services. As a result, BookSurge has doubled in size and capacity this year, and we continue to innovate the industry with a new vision, unique programs and unparalleled opportunities."

Quality? New Vision? Adult-child sex is quality? Child-sex is illegal.

There are other self publishing companies out there that don't publish this book. Some of them are:

I urge everyone to boycott If you have a membership, please cancel it. This is not an issue of free speech. It's an issue of child predators going mainstream and publishing child sex/rape stories. We need to send an urgent message that this will NOT be tolerated. EVER. will never see another dollar from me. There are many other choices out there. I suggest using one of the book stores listed here who actually removed the book. Support their admirable choice to stop selling this book by giving them your business.

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