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Thursday, February 15, 2007

We got a very helpful email through our website today. Anyone wanting to leave a comment not viewable on the blog, you can contact us HERE. Let's look at this latest email and see what we can figure out about Amazon.....
"I have been following your "Boycott Amazon" campaign. I sent them an email on Thursday night (well, early Friday morning) regarding "the Rake's" book. That evening they had 2 listings for the book, one which had 9 negative reviews. Today the listing with the negative reviews has been made unavailable....... I am trying to find a cached version of the first page, but I thought I would let you know in case you had one and wanted to highlight this effort by Amazon to quash any negative publicity about this so-called "book". Even though I am a Prime Member and spend a significant amount of money on Amazon each year (not any more!), they responded to me with a similar form letter regarding their policies on censorship.
Now we see that while they don't believe in censoring material they offer, they don't have a problem with censoring their reviewers.
None of the comments were offensive (i.e. containing obscene language), they just exposed this book for the trash that it is. I am also planning to write letters to several major newspapers in my area and also try to contact Amazon's investors.

Keep up the good work!"

Wow! Amazon Expose at it's finest! Amazon wouldn't remove a child molesters book, claiming they opposed censorship, but they WILL censor your comments about it. Isn't that interesting? Their refusal to remove it wasn't about the protection of free speech AT ALL! It was about harboring child predators. And they are GUILTY as charged!

Look at the link again. The search results for the book. The only one showing available for purchase is the one published by iUniverse in association with Barnes & Noble. They cancelled their contract with Viamund after the first few copies were printed. Viamund then moved on to BookSurge (owned by Amazon) who published his book then distributed it through Amazon! Now that the heat is on them, and after they have claimed to oppose censorship of any kind, this is their response?

How exactly did they respond to this Boycott against them?? By censoring your reviews!!

While at first glance it may look like a victory. They did remove the book they allowed him to self-publish through BookSurge, afterall. Yet they are STILL selling the other copy. Therefore, to me at least, this looks to be a clear case of Amazon doing the very thing they used to rationalize the distribution of a child predators advocation of child molestation. The Boycott Amazon! campaign continues.

If you've found yourself wondering what's in this book, here's a little sample of his poetry, should we analyze it? Perhaps it speaks for itself.
Who says you're living in the past?
If history repeats itself
it means you're also living in the future.
Cop a feel
for the future,
little boy
and another
Yell, yell, yelling
that persistent voice.
I'm claiming freedom,
No more the cramped, dingy room.
I got my dynamite
and my fly is open.

Now enough of that rubbish, onto the Viamund updates:
Thanks to everyone who has helped by reporting and complaining about Viamund. As you can see he doesn't stop. There is still much work to be done. We will post all updates here.

Boycott Amazon!

Viamund Blog ~ Decimated by Blogger
Viamund Next Civilization Blog ~ Captured by an anti
Viamund the Rake ~ Captured by an anti
Viamund Archive Blog ~ Captured by an anti
Viamund Targeted-Discrimination ~ Captured by an anti
Viamund MySpace ~ Captured by an anti
RingsWorld ~ Mission Complete
Vibe ~ Mission Complete
VampireFreaks ~ Captured by an anti
Viamund the Rake Blogger ~ Captured by an anti
Meetmeinto ~ Mission Complete
Viamunds World Vision ~ Mission Complete
Viamunds Boycott List ~ Mission Complete
Viamund Blog ~ Mission Complete
Viamund Under Ground Blog ~ Mission Complete
Viamund Archives Blog ~ MISSION COMPLETE

V-I-A-M-U-N-D ~ Captured by an Anti

Viamund the RAKE restored it HERE and commenced to copy entire blog posts of other bloggers there. You might want to check it and see if he's violated YOU.
Here is the blog in question viamundrake and you may report it HERE

MySpace #2 ~ Report it HERE

Meetmeinto #2 ~ Report it HERE

Meetmeinto #3 ~ Report it HERE

Viamund YouTube ~ Report it HERE

Viamund Book Ad Blog ~ Report it HERE

Viamund ever defiant, restored his blogs AGAIN

Attempting to achieve his goals ~ and
Viamunds Boycott List ~ and
Attack against free services ~ and
Attempt to implement laws ~ has copied entire Anti blogs here
Show no mercy

Report them all HERE

Read about Amazon's history with NAMBLA North American Man/Boy Love Association HERE you'll be very surprised, disgusted and glad you've chosen to BoycottAmazon!
HT to Jacey
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