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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

What is up with Amazon you may be asking yourself. I'd like to take a moment to explain. Amazon apparently doesn't like being told what they should and shouldn't sell. They are being quite stubborn as a matter of fact. But what's interesting here is that while they claim FREE SPEECH as the reason for harboring and selling the words of an admitted child molester, they are censoring their customers comments.

And as if that weren't enough, their own publishing company BookSurge has removed this book from distribution. Wonder why? And yet Amazon, continues to sell the iUniverse copy of Viamund's book. This is quite telling isn't it? iUniverse cancelled their contract with Viamund after realizing what it was that had been printed.....BookSurge is with the program enough to know they need to get rid of that book quickly. Only Amazon is stupid? wicked? thoughtless? enough to continue selling it. Well....attempting to sell it. Interesting that they will turn their back on their own responsibility in order to offer a book for sale that has dropped in ranking from 384,000 to almost 2 millionth in the space of two weeks. Thank you everyone who has helped with this!

I received this email from iUniverse today:
Dear Stitches 77,

Thank you for your e-mail and concern regarding the book Viamund the Boy-Love Vampyre Says. Once the content of the this particular book was revealed we took action to cancel the title.

We are working with sites, in which we directly distribute title information, to completely remove the title; however, due to proprietary information we do not release sales information on any of our titles.

Again, thank you for your concern.

Lori Kaser
Post Publishing Services Supervisor
iUniverse, Inc.

How interesting! Amazon is also offering the book in defiance of the publisher. I believe it will be gone completely within a couple of weeks at the most. Does that make what Amazon did 'ok' to you? The way I see it.....Amazon thumbed their noses at children, then they proceeded to censor our comments claiming they opposed censorship, then they wisely withdrew the edition that their own publisher printed while offering the edition of their competitor for sale. Hmm.

Nah, I think I can live without them. What it has come down to is that Amazon cannot reform itself. When the book disappears from Amazon it won't be because of them, it will be because iUniverse was successful in retrieving all copies. By the way iUniverse is owned by Barnes & Noble the first book seller to respond to our request. They have my current and future support.

Be sure and check the following updates as some have changed. He's also stealing the work of anyone who has blogged about this and posting it on his other blogs. You need to be aware of where to find his thievery!

Boycott Amazon!

Viamund Blog ~ Decimated by Blogger
Viamund Next Civilization Blog ~ Captured by an anti
Viamund the Rake ~ Captured by an anti
Viamund Archive Blog ~ Captured by an anti
Viamund Targeted-Discrimination ~ Captured by an anti
Viamund MySpace ~ Captured by an anti
RingsWorld ~ Mission Complete
Vibe ~ Mission Complete
VampireFreaks ~ Captured by an anti
Viamund the Rake Blogger ~ Captured by an anti
Meetmeinto ~ Mission Complete
Viamunds World Vision ~ Mission Complete
Viamunds Boycott List ~ Mission Complete
Viamund Blog ~ Mission Complete
Viamund Under Ground Blog ~ Mission Complete
Viamund Archives Blog ~ MISSION COMPLETE

V-I-A-M-U-N-D ~ Captured by an Anti

Viamund the Rake blogger ~ Captured by an Anti

Viamund the RAKE restored it AGAIN HERE and commenced to copy entire blog posts of other bloggers there. You might want to check it and see if he's violated YOU.
Here is the blog in question viamund-t-h-e-rake and you may report it HERE

Meetmeinto #2 ~ Report it HERE

Meetmeinto #3 ~ Report it HERE

MySpace #2 ~ Report it HERE

These sites may not seem to be so important at first glance. Until you know some of the things he's said about them. For example on the now defunct My Silent War blog Viamund said:
"The internet is a tool that is meant to be used for all manner of things. Personally I use it for research, activism, gaming and certainly online dating. I date boys aged 14 - 18 and I have met all my lovers over the past 6 years exclusively through internet dating sites."

Viamund YouTube ~ Report it HERE

Viamund Book Ad Blog ~ Report it HERE

Viamund ever defiant, restored his blogs AGAIN

Attempting to achieve his goals ~ and
Viamunds Boycott List ~ and
Attack against free services ~ and
Attempt to implement laws ~ has copied entire Anti blogs here
Show no mercy

Report them all HERE

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