Poor Wittle Ashford Gots His Feelings Hurted

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

It seems that I may have recently started something, and that in doing so I've offended the high pedophile whack job Lindsay Ashord. Don't worry, I'm not about to be upset that the little wiener is complaining and making a fuse just because someone is a little tired of him abusing the world wide web by publishing his tripe accounts of how horrible the rest of the world is for not letting him legally rape little girls.

Months ago I mentioned at my place that Ashford had decided to play political pundit by using his sexual arousal as a means of picking the man whose children he'd most like to see growing up in the White House.

I was rather disappointed with the slow reaction time to this matter on behalf of a great many political leaders, and had recently mentioned it again. The matter really heated up when *someone* decided to point out on the Obama blogs that Ashford was up to his tricks again.

Seems that suddenly, people were worried, and worried enough that they sent this letter to Ashford.

The only thing I can say is: "Good for you Obama. I may hate your politics, and I may swear on my life that you'll never have my vote... but on this subject alone, and on this particular action, you have my respect. As long as you follow through that is."

Of course, Ashford in his usual whining ranting isn't as happy about this little development, and is pleading his rights to freedom of speech:
You may also remember that my nemesis, the lovely Lilo, as well as some other bloggers got very upset about the post and wrote all sorts of humourous things as a result. In fact, intrepid Lilo even went so far as to telephone the offices of several of the politicians mentioned to tell them of the blog post. Much to her surprise, none of them did anything! Undeterred, Lilo has brought up the whole thing again. It appears that this time around, somebody, somewhere, listened. Yesterday, this website received a letter from Robert Bauer of the law Perkins Coie, who represent Obama for America demanding that the pictures be taken down. Not only that, Bauer demanded that I remove any mention of Obama or his family from the website, as well as any links to Obama's website.

First off, despite the fact that I really am rather lovely- I'd think I was a little out of Ashfords league, seeing how I can defend myself against sexual predators such as himself, and I've already surpassed his level (or lack of) intelligence. But that's beside the point.

More importantly, Ashford is forgetting a very important little detail- as much as he likes to throw around the right to freedom of speech as granted by the US Constitution, he should be looking at other laws we have here, that aren't so favorable to "his kind". Such as the Child Protection act of 2003 (also known as the PROTECT ACT:

The Child Protect Act passed in 2003 gives U.S. law enforcement greater authority to pursue sexual predators across borders. It authorizes a penalty of up to 30 years in prison for U.S. citizens engaged in an act of child sexual exploitation, even if it occurs in another country.

Ashford states that I'm "undeterred", and he's right. I'll continue to be here, continue to insist that our leaders protect our children from the likes of scum like him.
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