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Sunday, February 18, 2007

... it's about kids. However, I'm willing to admit- I lean towards the right more than the left, because I imagine that my political beliefs are bound to be questions, that's okay though.

Eight months ago, I mentioned to you that self admitted pedophile Lindsay Ashford was starting to gear up a little early for the '08 bid for the election. He'd already composed his list of White House hopefuls, and was looking over the qualifications to see just which hopeful he'd be most supportive of. The problem with this was that he was using the daughters, and granddaughters of his list of hopefuls, and his sexual attraction for each child as a measuring stick to determine who he'd be happiest to see win.

At that time, I also shared that because he was displaying actual photos of the children, and because of the context of his post, I had attempted to use it to draw attention to this online predator to our members of congress. I called office after office, explaining in detail the issue, and providing the url of the post.

Most were shocked to hear what I was telling, some didn't even hesitate to load the page, just because it seemed so impossible that someone would actually do this. Security at Capital Hill was contacted.

Now, remember that not even a month later, the John Walsh Child Protection Act was signed into law. It was a big to-do. An entire high profile display of just how important the safety of our children is to Capital Hill. So, with that in mind- what do you think came of the knowledge so many people have of Lindsay Ashford? What do you think was done to protect the innocent children splashed across his website just because he's a sick freak, and because their relatives are political leaders? Nothing.

You'll be voting in '08, for a group of people who want you to believe that by signing their names to laws, by voting in support of them, they are interested in protecting your children... when in truth- they can't even protect their own.

That day I called and complained about this sickening post by a pedophile- I also ran a post explaining to readers that ONE member of Congress had an employee that stated they weren't concerned with this, that they had no comment, and no plans to do anything. His comments were in my first post (linked at the top) but removed, because I actually believed for a moment, that his response did nothing but encourage the pedophiles. However, it wasn't long afterwards that I received this:

Hi Lilo,

I just wanted to give you an update on the pictures you called about earlier.

Senator ***** daughters are private citizens and our hope is that they will be treated as such, and I must admit it was more than a little disturbing to see them displayed in that fashion. My concern with commenting further on this matter is that a reaction from me would somehow encourage further discussion of the girls on that person's website, which is the last thing anyone wants.

If there are any further updates on this, though, I would greatly appreciate it if you'd pass them along to me. Meanwhile, I can promise you that Senator ***** will continue to work in the U.S. Senate to strengthen laws that put child predators behind bars.


That Senator is running for President, and while I was assured that he was working to make laws stronger to protect our kids... I have to wonder why his children are still featured on a pedophile's website, a site that is directly related to one intended to help pedophiles entrap young girls into illegal sexual relationships.
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