What Kind of Mother is This?

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

We all too often learn of adults engaging in illegal activity with minors but sometimes there is a twist that takes it from simply illegal to just plain strange.

Imagine that you are an adult woman with a 38 year old boyfriend, and you are temporarily unable to function sexually due to an operation you just had and you don't want to lose the boyfriend.

Solution: Give him written permission to have sex with your 15 year old daughter, and reward her with material things and a few more privileges.

This is not technically pedophilia, but statutory rape. However he apparently had sex with even younger girls which is. (In Michigan Child Molestation is under 13 while 13 to 17 is Statutory Rape).

First question: Why would any sane mother do this to her daughter or perhaps allow her to have sex with an adult?

Second question: Why would she want a man who would have sex with her daughter?

Third question: Why would any self-respecting man get involved in such a situation?

An adult man having the desire to have sex with a teen-aged girl is perhaps alot closer to normal than desiring a 6 or 7 year old, but to act on that desire shows a lack of maturity, discipline and principle. It's still illegal, and rightly so (more to protect young women - - and young men - - from exploitation than to prevent perversion.)
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